FBI May Have ‘Planted Evidence’ During 10-Hour Raid, Trump Fears

President Trump made it clear he is worried FBI agents may have “planted evidence” against him during the 10-hour raid of his home in Florida.

Agents were allegedly looking for mishandled White House documents, an unprecedented event that has shaken the political landscape in the United States.

Ransacking of the Trump Residence

More than 30 federal agents ransacked President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday morning, starting at about 10 am.

They gave no notice whatsoever to the Trump family or the family lawyers.

Only Secret Service agents guarding the place were warned about an hour in advance; they ended up joining their FBI colleagues and helping them with the search, according to reports.

The results from the raid may even see Trump disqualified from holding public office in the United States. That would be the case if he gets convicted on charges of having concealed or destroyed government papers.

Earlier this year, in January, Trump’s lawyers handed to the National Archives agency some 15 boxes of papers they said ended up with the former president by mistake after he moved out of the White House a year earlier.

While the FBI raid on the residence of Trump has been met with “tears of joy” by Democrat politicians and leftist pundits, it has been categorically condemned by the GOP and right-wing commentators.

Neither the Trump family, nor the media, learned about the large-scale FBI search of the Mar-a-Lago mansion until Monday evening.

The ex-president’s son, Eric Trump, was the first one to learn about it; it was he who told the news to his father.

FBI ‘Strongly’ Insisted Nobody Be Watching

Posting on his social media, Truth Social, Trump declared his hopes that the feds weren’t “planting” any fake evidence against him.

He continued to wonder, though, why the FBI “STRONGLY” insisted there would be no one around them to witness their actions.

The ex-president also quipped that “Obama and Clinton” never got “raided,” in spite of “big disputes” surrounding them.

One of Trump’s lawyers, Christina Bobb, 37, suggested on Tuesday it may be possible for the FBI to have planted “something” while carrying out the raid, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Bobb cautioned she wasn’t affirming they did it, only that “there is no security” they didn’t.

She described the entire search operation as “a weird [power] flex” and a “completely unnecessary” one at that.

The Trump lawyer went on to state it’s “honesty sad” to witness “what they have done” to the United States of America.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported the workers at Trump’s estate refused to switch off the security cameras there, despite the insistence of the feds.

On Tuesday, in posts on Truth Social, Trump revealed on Wednesday he was going to give a deposition under oath for the civil investigation by the Attorney General of the state of New York into his real estate company.


This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.