FBI Suspends Informant Who Challenged January 6 Probes

As per House Republicans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) suspended the employment of a whistleblower who complained about the bureau’s conduct of investigations relating to January 6, 2021. 

US Violent Extremism 

In a statement made to Twitter on Tuesday, Republicans serving on the House Judiciary Committee claimed the FBI suspended a leak for refusing to carry out the bureau’s politically motivated investigations.

The post included images of a letter the ranking Republican on the committee, Representative Jim Jordan, wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray the previous day. 

The letter detailed charges made by an employee of the FBI who wanted to remain anonymous.

This person said the FBI changed its procedures in order to make incidents of domestic violent extremism (DVE) appear more frequent throughout the United States than they actually are.

According to the letter, the categorizing of cases by the FBI gives the impression that threats from DVE are present in regions all over the country.

In fact, they all originate from the same related inquiry involving the events that took place at the Capitol on January 6. 

The leadership of the FBI is able to deceive the public by pointing to “substantial” increases in DVE threats across the country, thanks to a fake case categorization scheme. 

According to a statement provided to The Daily Wire by a spokesman for Jordan’s office, the FBI informant whose claims were revealed in the letter alerted Jordan’s office on Monday that he was suspended from his position with the FBI. 

Being Run From Washington 

According to the information provided by the whistleblower, the Washington Field Office of the FBI instructed other FBI field offices around the United States to launch DVE investigations.

These investigations are to target “possible suspects” who may be connected to the disturbance that occurred on January 6. 

According to Jordan’s letter, a whistleblower stated the Washington Field Office continues to maintain oversight of the investigation, despite the fact another field office formally opened the case. 

The Washington Field Office is responsible for executing and authorizing all investigative reporting and documentation for the case file. 

According to Jordan’s letter, which cited the anonymous source, the scheme enables them to continue supporting on paper their claim that the bureau is a field-based law enforcement agency.

This leads to the narrative that the large bulk of their exploration should proceed to be acted upon by their field offices, even though the investigation is actually being run from Washington.

The leaker of information also claimed the FBI was shifting resources away from other types of investigational work in order to focus on DVE investigations. 

The informant said they told them investigations into child sexual abuse material were no longer of importance at the FBI and they should be directed to local law enforcement institutions instead.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.