FBI Takes Agents Off of Child Sexual Abuse Cases

In a statement to FBI Director Christopher Wray that House Judiciary Committee Republicans published this week, the whistleblower claimed FBI agents were diverted from child sex abuse matters to focus on political operations.

Whistleblowers: FBI Forced to Focus on Political Matters

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the committee’s senior member, opened the letter by noting Republicans have heard from the whistleblowers about this issue, are concerned, and therefore seek additional information.

In response, the bureau was accused of “intentionally exploiting the way case documents relating to January 6 inquests are preserved.”

The FBI has been accused of doing this in order to “generate an inaccurate and defamatory narrative that domestic violent extremism is rising throughout the country.”

The letter continues by alleging the FBI exaggerates domestic violent extremism concerns in the United States. Furthermore, it’s being said the FBI “did not follow routine process” in relation to the January 6 instances.

Agents Create Misleading Crime Statistics

The deceptive casefile procedure, according to the whistleblower, “creates misleading and inaccurate crime numbers.”

FBI and DOJ authorities point to “substantial increases in radicalism and terrorism throughout the United States,” rather than “hundreds of inquiries resulting from a single, black swan episode at the Capitol.”

To put it another way, Jordan’s letter said the FBI’s case classification “creates the idea that dangers from DVE are prevalent in jurisdictions throughout the country, when in fact they all derive from the same connected case regarding the conduct at the Capitol on January 6.”

A contrived case categorization system like this one enables FBI leadership to falsely claim that DVE risks have increased significantly across the country.

These claims are in keeping with information we’ve gotten from other whistleblowers that top FBI officials, along with a senior WFO officer, are pressuring field agents to classify cases as DVE concerns in order to support a particular political narrative.

House Republicans genuinely think the “vast number of frontline FBI special officers and staff are devoted law enforcement officers determined to protect the American people and defend the Constitution,” according to the document.

On top of this, the representatives who criticize the bureau are referring to the FBI’s senior leadership in Washington.

The letter continued, “Furthermore, the whistleblower reported the FBI is forgoing its other crucial federal law enforcement responsibilities to undertake January 6 investigations.”

For instance, the whistleblower remembered being “told that child sex abuse material examinations were no more an FBI priority and should be sent to local police organizations.”

Such a stance is not just a grave injustice to the victims of child sexual assault and other offenses that do not further the political agenda of the FBI leadership; it is also a betrayal of the FBI’s duty to pursue infringement laws.