Federal Court Trashes Stacey Abrams Election Lawsuit

A federal judge appointed by Barack Obama dismissed Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams’ lawsuit, which sought a complete overhaul of Georgia’s election system.

According to US District Judge Steve Jones, Georgia is not using the perfect electoral system, but practices challenged by Stacey Abrams are not in violation of the US Constitution.

Major Defeat of Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams

A liberal group, Fair Fight Georgia, supported by Stacey Abrams, filed a lawsuit four years ago, which suggested Georgia’s election system is plagued by racial discrimination and voter suppression.

The lawsuit came in the aftermath of Abrams’ narrow loss to Republican Governor Brian Kemp in the 2018 gubernatorial elections.

When Fair Fight Action filed the lawsuit alongside another non-profit organization, Care in Action, many churches also joined as plaintiffs.

Reportedly, the lawsuit wanted sweeping changes in Georgia’s election system, which would’ve completely overhauled the election practices in the state.

During her closing arguments in June, Fair Fight’s attorney Allegra Lawrence-Hardy established the state of Georgia made voter registration a herculean task.

She also suggested the flawed voter system of Georgia is not a result of human errors, but it is an intentional effort to keep black people out of the voting system.

Over the years, many provisions in the lawsuit were dismissed by the court, while some of the concerns were addressed in different Georgia laws in the last four years.

Georgia’s Voter Participation Increased Despite Popular Beliefs

Justice Jones wrote, in his verdict, the final decision is a combination of wins and losses for all the parties which remained involved in the case in the longest-ever voting rights trial in the history of Georgia.

Kemp applauded the court decision and called it a victory against Abrams’s attempt to weaponize the electoral system of Georgia for the sake of achieving her own political goals.

Meanwhile, Abrams also celebrated the victory; although she acknowledged the court’s verdict was not a preferred outcome for her campaign.

According to Abrams, the court decision was a win for voters who had to stand in long queues to vote and endure the consequences of different laws specifically made against people of color.

Georgia’s conservative Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger called the court’s decision a victory for all the officials who dedicate their lives to making elections safe and secure.

Raffensperger also added Abrams’ lawsuit was not motivated by the facts, as it was driven by the long-lasting rhetoric of the Democrat Party.

Furthermore, Raffensperger’s office established Democrats are constantly slamming Georgia for promoting voter suppression at a time when almost 1.9 million voters participated in the 2022 primary elections of the state, compared to 1.2 million voters in 2018.

In addition to that, the voter turnout among black people also increased significantly in this year’s primary elections.

The latest ruling is also important. It was given by a liberal judge appointed by former President Obama. Biden previously accused Georgia of promoting Jim Crow laws in America.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.