Federal Judge Tosses Trump Legal Team’s Arizona Lawsuit

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The Trump legal team and other attorneys working to fight election fraud have suffered a tough bout this week. Judges across different parts of the country continue to throw out various lawsuits, citing a lack of evidence, improper submission, etc.

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The ultimate and final outcome of the Trump legal team’s work will impact the future of America. If the attorneys successfully prove in a court of law that widespread and systemic election fraud took place in this election, then a second term for Trump is highly likely; however, if the current pattern of tossed lawsuits persists, then Biden will very likely be sworn into the White House as president next month.

Recent reports from Newsmax are confirming that yet another lawsuit brought forward by President Trump’s legal team was tossed, this time in Arizona.

Reviewing the Failed Lawsuit in Arizona

In Arizona, legal representatives for President Trump brought forth a lawsuit to throw out the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of Arizona; however, this lawsuit, rather than Biden’s certification, is what got tossed.

Federal Judge Diane Humetewa asserted that the president’s attorneys did not submit “relevant or reliable evidence” of fraud to overturn this certification. Judge Humetewa also claimed that were the certification of Biden to be overturned in the Grand Canyon State, this would “utterly disenfranchise” residents of Arizona.

This judge’s ruling comes right on the heels of another legal defeat handed to Republicans. Not too long ago, Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward reached out to the state’s Supreme Court to have Biden’s win in the state overturned; however, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled against Ward.

Thus far, seven lawsuits to overturn Biden’s certification in Arizona have been submitted; none of them have rendered success.

A Hail Mary for 2024?

If 2020 does not pan out for a second term of President Trump, then there is a strong possibility of Trump seeking re-election during the next presidential race.

This is something that the president himself has hinted at; furthermore, polling shows that most Republicans believe Trump will run again in 2024 and would be willing to back his candidacy.

At this time, however, whether or not the president seeks re-election in 2024 will largely depend upon what becomes of the 2020 White House race; to this day, the Trump legal team still has several ongoing lawsuits in different states.

What do you think about all of the Trump legal team’s dismissed lawsuits in Arizona? Should the president seek re-election in 2024? Let us know what you make of the current situation in the comments section below!