Fetterman Comes Back to the Senate, But in a Bizarre Outfit

Controversial Democratic Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, who has been missing for months while receiving depression treatment, made a return-to-work appearance.

Though he arrived on Capitol Hill clad in gym attire.

MIA since Feb 15

Fetterman created a major headache for congressional Democrats. He has been absent for months, thus hurting their plans to implement their increasingly far-left agenda.

In February, the Pennsylvania Democrat checked himself in for in-house medical depression treatment at the US Military Walter Reed Center in Maryland. This came after his health seemed shaky in the weeks following his inauguration in January.

Fetterman was celebrated as one of the big Democratic successes in the November 2022 midterms after he flipped a Senate seat that had been with the GOP for half a century.

However, his primary campaigning last spring seems to have taken a toll on his health. He suffered a stroke shortly before the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania and may have returned to the campaign trail too early.

Fetterman finally came back to Capitol Hill on Monday, the Red State reported.

Hoodie, Shorts, and Stiff Gait

As he came out of a black SUV and touched his heart to signify gratitude for the support he received while being away, the Pennsylvania Democrat was wearing a hoodie and shorts.

His attire was certainly not typical for the US Senate and was too “casual even for him,” the report pointed out. The last time Fetterman voted in the Senate was on February 15, 2023.

The freshman leftist senator didn’t take any questions from reporters before entering the US Capitol, refusing to respond about how he was feeling at the moment.

According to Clay Travis, a radio show host and OutKick founder, Fetterman still seemed to feature a “noticeably stiff gait.”

The Pennsylvania Democrat is scheduled to chair what would be his first Senate hearing on Wednesday, a hearing of a subcommittee under the Senate Agriculture Committee.

The report emphasizes that questions about Fetterman’s health, his cognitive and physical fitness for his office, will abound from now. His office has been remarkably bad at communicating his situation to the American public.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.