Fetterman Paints Dr. Oz as a Liar and a Crook, Fails Miserably

"DR.Oz columbia mall" by Elyse Horvath

Tuesday night, only two weeks before the midterm elections take place in Pennsylvania, Dr. Mehmet Oz, known for his iconic TV show, clashed with Democrat candidate John Fetterman in a lengthy debate.

As the two exchanged blows, Fetterman managed to slip in a rather questionable statement, claiming his opponent is a liar, alluding to the allegations he’d been spreading misinformation through his show at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Gov. Wolf, Lt. Gov. Fetterman Announce Report, Next Steps After Adult-Use Recreational Marijuana Tour” by Governor Tom Wolf

Dr. Oz and John Fetterman clash in pre-election debate

Unfortunately for Fetterman, Oz is a long-standing TV personality.

He remained unphased by the insults thrown at him; whereas Fetterman was visibly suffering from the consequences of the stroke he had days before the primaries in the Keystone State.

While Oz did manage to go over his time limit several times, he touched on much more pressing matters that he’d been discussing with Pennsylvanians for the past couple of months.

This is unlike Fetterman, who didn’t even provide his medical records to justify his absence from the campaign.

In fact, the only sensible thing he managed to come up with was some criticism for Oz’s New Jersey home and the hefty price he paid for it, all the while struggling to keep up, even with the help of teleprompters and other auditory aids.

Due to the current state of our economy, the debate quickly segued into the topic of inflation and energy costs.

Oz showed massive support for the development of fracking and natural gas refineries in Pennsylvania, as it could drastically improve the living standards within the state.

Fetterman is still a Biden supporter

When Fetterman tried to chime in, claiming that he’d always been on board with fracking, Oz pulled up several of his past statements where he was opposed to it, much to the dismay of his eco-friendly supporters.

Soon after the two finished debating the energy crisis, the focus shifted to the minimum wage in the state, which is currently at $7.25, with both of the candidates being in support of increasing it.

Although Oz was realistic about it, claiming it should go as high as possible; whereas Fetterman wants to double it.

This isn’t uncommon from Democrats. They’re the first to marginalize the lower-income families and small businesses, which would be facing immense pressure, should the federal wage floor be raised above their capabilities.

Finally, the two candidates were asked about their opinions on the hypothetical Trump vs. Biden presidential ballot in 2024, which, due to Biden’s declining cognitive ability, isn’t very likely at the time.

Despite being well aware of Biden’s shortcomings, Fetterman claimed him to be a “good family man” and said he would support Biden if he actually chose to run for a second term, an opinion that isn’t shared by the majority of his Democratic peers.

On the other hand, Oz simply added he is willing to support Trump or any other Republican who ends up being the party’s nominee, adding it’s still too early to be discussing the topic.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.