Few Americans Trust the Media to Accurately Report Crime

The mainstream media has a pretty well-deserved bad wrap.

Platforms like CNN and the New York Times are far too occupied with opining, rather than actually reporting the news. At this point, the mainstream media doesn’t even try to hide its leftist bias or left-wing agenda; they might as well be another wing of the Democrat Party. 

As it turns out though, the biased, pro-left, anti-right media has lost the trust of the American people. This is a problem for the media, especially as political tensions continue to heat up in the United States. 

According to Breitbart News, fewer than three in ten Americans trust the mainstream media to accurately cover news regarding crime in the United States. 

Crime Reports and the American People

It’s no secret that thanks to President Biden and the Democrats, crime is on the rise in America.

Biden’s inaction at the Southern border, combined with his decision to suspend former President Trump’s policies, created a mess; drug smugglers, human traffickers, and other criminals are having a field day. Meanwhile, lawlessness is up in leftist cities where mayors chose to defund the police. 

Earlier this month, Rasmussen Reports conducted a survey; in this survey, they asked Americans if they trust the media to honestly report crime. The results of the survey were very revealing. 

60% of Americans confirmed to Rasmussen Reports that they do not trust the mainstream media to cover crime in the country with integrity. Only 24% of Americans polled stated that they trusted the media to fairly report crime. 

The partisan breakdowns of trust in the media to report on crime honestly also aren’t as stark as some might think. 44% of Democrats admitted that they don’t believe the media will cover U.S. crime with integrity. 70% of Independents and 71% of Republicans also share this outlook. 

The lack of trust in the media to cover crime with integrity is also shared by 59% of African-American voters and 65% of other racial minorities. 

Fake News in America

For years, the media has been called out for peddling fake, biased news. Apparently, they have not learned the error of their ways over the past several years. 

Americans can recognize fake news when they see and hear it. CNN, the New York Times, and other outlets with overt bias are not fooling very many people. The mainstream media’s ties and support for the political left are why they won’t cover crime.

These outlets know that true and honest coverage of crime increases in the United States would reveal the horrific leadership of President Biden and Democrats across America. 

What do you think about the mainstream media and crime reports? Do you trust the press to cover crime in an accurate and unbiased manner? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.