Florida Braces for the Worst Hurricane of the Century

Florida is on the verge of a major disaster, as a category two hurricane is about to reach the state as soon as Wednesday. Hurricane Ian is expected to be the largest hurricane of the century, which will impact millions of Floridians in the upcoming days.

Dangerous Hurricane to Hit Florida

Weather reports indicated a dangerous hurricane is heading toward Florida, which prompted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to take preemptive measures to avert the disaster.

In order to prepare for a timely response, DeSantis imposed an emergency in Florida on the weekend. He likewise mobilized nearly 5,000 National Guard troops to participate in rescue efforts.

Although the exact route of the hurricane remains uncertain, DeSantis warned the upcoming disaster will have implications all over Florida.

DeSantis informed that people surrounding the Gulf Coast of the state would be directly impacted by the storm. So, the governor continued, Floridians should brace themselves for heavy rains, floods, and strong winds.

In a second press conference, DeSantis advised Floridians to plan their evacuations, so they could avert any major trouble.

DeSantis also claimed counties that are not directly impacted by the storm would have to bear the consequences of intrastate migration, since residents from vulnerable places will need to settle somewhere inside Florida.

So, DeSantis advised Floridians to remain flexible in accommodating the migrants in the wake of a natural disaster.

Vulnerable areas, particularly Hillsborough, Pinellas, Charlotte, Hernando, and Sarasota counties, have also closed their schools for a couple of days.

Likewise, Uber announced a $30 discount for people traveling to and from the state-approved storm shelter centers in vulnerable regions.

140 mph Winds Can Create Havoc in Florida

Meanwhile, state government officials already issued mandatory evacuation orders for Tampa Bay residents, while the same orders are likely to be issued for other parts of the state as well.

This will be based on the trajectory of the hurricane once it hits Florida. This emergency situation urged many Floridians to stock up on fuel, food, medicine, and water.

The hurricane is coming from Cuba where almost 50,000 people were displaced only in the westernmost province of the country. Reportedly, winds are blowing at more than 100 mph in Cuba, which also poses a severe threat for Floridians.

Forecasts suggest the hurricane will be even more dangerous once it reaches the United States. So, meteorologists believe winds are likely to pick up more pace after hitting Cuba to reach a dangerous level of 140mph.

The last time Florida was hit by such a strong hurricane was in 1921. Back then, only a few hundred people were impacted by the disaster, but this time, three million people are expected to suffer the consequences.

After learning about the upcoming storm, Biden also canceled his election campaign rally scheduled in Florida.

Furthermore, Biden declared a federal emergency, thus allowing the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to collaborate with state authorities in disaster management.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.