Florida Could Be Cemented as a Red State After the Midterms

"Ron DeSantis" by Gage Skidmore

With only slightly over a week on the clock before the long-awaited midterm elections, it seems nothing much has changed for Florida.

Republicans retained their dominance once again, with Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio light years ahead of their rivals.

Of course, one election isn’t a big enough sample size to indicate a current trend. However, a strong showing from Republicans next month could solidify the notion that Florida is no longer the premier battleground state that it once was.

“Ron DeSantis” by Gage Skidmore”Ro

Polls in Florida show absolute dominance of right-leaning voters

Even Democrats are admitting none of them were overly optimistic about the midterms this year, claiming the root of the “issue” to be the fact it’s a populist state overrun by conservatives, neither of which are inherently bad.

Things aren’t looking up for the Democrats in Florida. The number of registered Republican voters surpassed the number of Democrats willing to vote for the first time in modern history, indicative of an incoming sweep.

It was only last year in November that the number of registered Republicans was greater by only 6,000. In 10 months, that advantage grew to 300k, a stark contrast to 2008 when Obama carried the state by approximately 200k votes.

At the time, Democrats in the state far outnumbered the conservative crowd, by a grand total of 700k, a feat that isn’t likely to happen in the near future for Florida’s Democrats.

A grim outcome for left-leaning Floridians

Apart from being greater in numbers, it seems Democrats are falling back on the one thing they were known for.

Republicans took their time to cast many early votes this week; seeing as the GOP generally dominates Election Day voting, it’s clear what’s coming.

If that wasn’t enough, the state’s Democrat Party is dealing with inner conflicts as well. Thomas Kennedy, a member of the DNC, called for Florida Democrat chair Manny Diaz to step down after the elections are over, claiming him to be incompetent as a party leader.

In a follow-up interview, Kennedy did admit the majority of the party’s shortcomings in Florida are largely out of their control at this point. Neither he nor anyone else expected Democrats to make much of a change in the state this year.

With time running out every second, Democrats have no other choice but to brace for impact and expect the worst. Many of them have already accepted the election will be in favor of Republicans once again.

The gubernatioral race won’t be much of a competition though. DeSantis has been holding onto his ten-point lead for a while now. Considering all the support he’s been getting from all across the country, it’d take a miracle for him to lose.

In spite of all of this, it’s always too early to celebrate; there’s no telling what Democrats may end up pulling out of their pockets at the last second.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.