Florida Gov. DeSantis Chastises Democrats For Their Abusive Gender Reassignment Therapies

With the gender identity movement gaining more traction than ever, it’s hard not to feel concerned for the children that are exposed to it. With the way medicine has progressed, it’s allowed this woke narrative to enter pediatricians’ offices as well.

In a recent public appearance, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis likened the gender reassignment surgeries that are being performed on children to the way guinea pigs are treated in labs.

Our nation’s greatest treasure, desecrated by the woke mob

Regardless of how we perceive things changes, and even if the gender identity movement becomes completely mainstream, there’s nothing to justify performing these gruesome acts on children.

That’s especially true for those at a sensitive age when they’re only just beginning to figure things out.

DeSantis echoed this sentiment. He said as obsolete as it may sound to say, our children shouldn’t be the guinea pigs for the left’s experimentation with gender surgery. It must be stopped at all costs.

He went on to recognize and show respect for Chloe Cole, a well-known de-transitioner who’d figured out what her doctor was actually planning when she was 13. She’d been on puberty blockers for years, even receiving a double mastectomy three years later.

However, opinions change, and so do people. It’s exactly why this “transgender” fad won’t be remembered fondly when the generation propagating it reaches their late 20s and early 30s.

Of course, we’ve all made poor decisions at a young age. It’s part of growing up, but you should make sure your child’s bad decision-making doesn’t lead them down the wrong path.

We’re in need of reforms to the medical system

The fact still remains that a large percentage of the trans community that undergoes gender reassignment surgery ends up regretting their decisions later on, some even attempting suicide as a means of ridding themselves of the guilt of mutilating their body.

Things are much more complicated than that, though. One could argue the doctors are to blame for even allowing a child to make a life-altering decision like that in the first place, let alone going through with the surgery.

Unfortunately, even doctors these days have employed the “customer is always right” policy, despite it having no place in the healthcare system. That’s especially now that we’ve got thousands of people identifying as something they’re not.

If you don’t comply with their illusions, you’re branded as the crazy one.

Thankfully, there are dozens of stories out there that are similar to Chloe’s. A number of transgender persons have denounced these surgeries as invasive and highly damaging to a person’s body and psyche as well.

There’s no telling what goes on through a young man/woman’s mind when they’re thinking about mutilating their body for the sake of aligning with their “true gender.” Although it’s safe to assume it’s nothing to write home about.

The youngest generation needs some proper guidance, but with so many on the left continuously spreading the woke propaganda promoting these surgeries, it’ll take time for the youth to catch on and stop ruining their lives over a fad.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.