Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Has a Message For the FBI After Mar-a-Lago Raid

The FBI’s Monday raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate came as a surprise to many. Federal agents were reportedly looking for classified items in Trump’s safe, but came away with nothing.

The storming by over 30 agents represents a dire politicization of our most powerful agencies.

Since it took place in Florida, however, there has been some question about foreknowledge from Governor Ron DeSantis and his team. Now, DeSantis is speaking out.

DeSantis Decries Raid

DeSantis said he absolutely did not know about the raid and his state office had no coordination with the FBI in terms of the raid.

Some have speculated this was done with his knowledge as a way to take down Trump as a rival in the upcoming presidential race; however there’s no real evidence of that.

Plus, this raid, if anything, will only boost Trump’s profile and appeal to supporters.

According to DeSantis, this raid is a “weaponization” of the federal government. As he said, this kind of thing is characteristic of a “Banana Republic,” not the United States.

The Trump family was already cooperating with the FBI in any case; so it’s very unclear why this raid even took place or exactly what they were looking for.

Digging Deeper

What exactly was taken at Mar-a-Lago and why? DeSantis is right to take Trump’s side now, as this is going to galvanize the conservative movement as a whole.

This is going to be one of those incidents where you’re either on the side of the raid or you’re not. DeSantis is smart to get out ahead of this and come out strongly against the raid.

This clearly has political motivations and an undertone of trying to swing attention away from current economic troubles. Joe Biden and the Democrats know they are in big trouble. Eric Trump even squarely said that he believes Biden’s fingerprints are on this.

A political raid using the FBI is worse than Watergate; if this is what’s happened, then every patriot of every political belief needs to be speaking out against it.

The Bottom Line

It’s well known that Trump is seriously considering a 2024 run and he represents a threat to Biden.

Ordering a politically-motivated raid on a rival candidate’s house is about as dirty as you can get, despite the supposed motivations.

Regardless of how this turns out to supposedly relate to January 6, it is very hard to dodge the appearance that it’s a politically-motivated hit job to humiliate and discredit Trump.

DeSantis is right to get on Trump’s side here, because whatever ends up coming of this is going to rally the conservative base. It will increase support for both Trump and DeSantis when it comes down to the wire.

This is a big story and it’s going to have a big impact going forward. Stay tuned.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.