Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Facing a Ridiculous Lawsuit

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a reasonable man. His main priority is to follow the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Part of that means supporting a free, fair, and patriotic state of Florida which obeys its laws and moves to protect the rights of state residents.

That includes the requirement that state employees follow state law. Seems simple, right? Well, former 13th Judicial District Attorney Andrew Warren felt differently.

Warren’s Wacky Revolt

Hothead liberal Andrew Warren didn’t like the fact that Florida’s state legislature banned abortion after 15 weeks.

He wanted to make sure abortionists could get their instruments of death in place on the fetuses of those more developed babies and end their lives.

So, he put out a public statement that he wouldn’t agree to enforce punishment and proceedings against cases of abortions after this time period.

In other words, this progressive fool said he wouldn’t follow the laws of his state and intended not to do his job.

DeSantis took him at his word and suspended him, which means he was removed from his position and replaced. Now, this Soros-backed sicko Warren is suing DeSantis.

Warren Files Lawsuit

Warren is throwing a hissy fit because he doesn’t like being out of his job. He’s put forward a lawsuit in federal court, accusing DeSantis of exploiting his position as governor in suspending him.

He claimed this isn’t just about his “job,” but is also about the principle of freedom of speech.

According to this idealistic abortion-supporter, his First Amendment liberties were robbed by this tyrannical governor after he said he wouldn’t enforce the post-15-week abortion ban or restrictions on childhood transgenderism.

Listen, Andrew: I know that abortions and letting young kids get their genitals and breasts cut up means a lot to you. Though maybe, just maybe, when it’s directly against the law of the state in which you are a district attorney, you should keep your mouth shut.

Just an idea! Only trying to help here.

What Are the Details of the Lawsuit?

The thing is the lawsuit says DeSantis abused his position and acted in contravention of the Constitution of the United States and free speech fundamentals.

Warren signed onto promises not to prosecute abortion lawbreakers and transgender infractions, but hadn’t actually broken the law as well. This is another reason he says his termination was unjust.

At this point, he is still technically the DA, but is just under suspension and having his job done by someone else.

Nonetheless, the Florida Constitution makes it clear that a prosecutor does not have “discretion” in the enforcement of established law in the state.

His opinions and promise not to enforce the law are more than enough reason to merit his suspension. This guy is a typical progressive ideologue who doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Let me spell it out for him: you lost, DeSantis won. Go home.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.