Florida’s Has a Serious Message For Thugs in Its State

Florida is a state that respects the rights of its citizens. One of those fundamental constitutional rights is, of course, the right to bear arms.

Police Chief Gregory Goreck of the Haines City Police Department recently delivered a message to thugs who are thinking of breaking into some homes in Florida: break in and you’ll probably get shot.

What Happened?

Goreck was giving a press conference after he’d grabbed a home invader out of the line of fire when the individual tried to break into a home and got shot. Do so at your own risk, because you might have some “repercussions.”

As Goreck said, don’t break into people’s homes in Florida, especially not in Polk County. As he noted, the majority of people own firearms and you stand a good chance of being shot.

On Friday, several individuals reportedly tried to break into a man’s home in Haines City. He was away at the time, but came back to see two people stealing stuff from his house.

As a concealed carry permit holder, he drew his weapon and took several shots, hitting one of the burglars as they fled.

Police from Haines showed up and found the shot man by using their police dog to pick up the scent. They got him the appropriate medical care and made sure he didn’t die, but Goreck decided that criminals need to have a little wake-up call in the Sunshine State:

Do the crime and you stand a good chance of taking a round.

Injured Man Rushed To Hospital

In this case, Goreck’s officers made sure the man got to the hospital and survived. He’s been named Tyriek Washington, 27, and has been in jail since release from the hospital.

The police are still trying to find the second male individual who was involved in the burglary and did not get shot.

The man who shot the suspect answered every inquiry from police and was found within his legal rights to use his weapon to defend his property. No charges or further investigation of him will be made.

Goreck’s press conference really doubles down on this as well, making it crystal clear to anybody thinking of breaking the law in Florida or invading somebody’s home: think twice, because it could be the last decision you ever make.

Crime is a serious problem. Homeowners have the right to protect their loved ones and property with lethal force. It’s really as simple as that.

The Bottom Line

2A rights are human rights. As crime continues to worsen, it’s all the more crucial that law-abiding citizens have the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Any attempt to strip 2A rights must be regarded as an attack on the basis of the rule of law in the United States.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.