Florida on High State of Alert as Hurricane Ian Set To Make Landfall

Florida is bracing for one of the worst storms in years as Hurricane Ian is set to make landfall.

This Sunday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned about the coming hurricane and expressed his concern and advice for residents of the Sunshine State.

DeSantis has now activated the National Guard. He’s readied supplies of food for Florida residents who will have to stay in shelters and others who are in danger of losing their homes.

What Else Did DeSantis Say?

During the press conference, DeSantis said even if Tropical Storm Ian changes its course over the next few days and loses strength, it’s better for people to be careful and take precautions.

As he said, folks should become aware and take care of possible problems that will affect them, such as power outages, for example.

Tropical Storm Ian will cross over the fairly warm water of the Gulf of Mexico before hitting Florida. It is likely to become a hurricane at that point; although it’s still technically just classed as a tropical storm by meteorologists.

With the possibility of it becoming a hurricane in mind, Joe Biden declared a state of emergency on Saturday and began sending federal aid and preparatory help.

DeSantis thanked him for that, despite the obvious political rift between the two. In fact, Biden pledged to campaign in support of DeSantis’ main competitor in the Florida gubernatorial race, a man by the name of Charlie Crist.

Crist, a delusional leftist with way more of a chance than he should have, is hoping to win the upcoming midterms, despite DeSantis’ surging popularity. The campaign rally where Biden was going to stump for Crist was postponed, due to Ian’s approach.

What to Expect From Tropical Storm Ian

Ian is quite likely to upgrade to a hurricane as it makes landfall; it is expected to cause a lot of property damage.

Hopefully, no lives will be lost, but the storm is expected to hit up to 130 miles per hour in speed. It may become a Category 4 hurricane, so all possible precautions should be taken and those near the coast should seek shelter.

Heavy rain is also projected to cause flooding, which can happen very rapidly and take many lives. Ian is expected to make landfall in the next few days later this week.

Florida’s local FEMA chief Kevin Guthrie said aid trucks are already setting up at shelters throughout the state with food and water.

He urged everyone in Florida to get enough food and water to be able to have what they needed while the storm causes disruptions.

He urged everyone to follow directions to evacuate immediately who are in danger zones as directed by the state.

Be Prepared

DeSantis says he does not believe Hurricane Ian will reach the level of Hurricane Michael in 2018, a Category 5 hurricane that took 74 lives and caused $26 billion in property damage.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to be prepared and never underestimate the danger of natural disasters.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.