Florida Trolls California with Planeloads of Illegal Migrants

Officials from of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ administration have acknowledged they flew two planeloads of illegal immigrants to Sacramento, the capital of California and its far-left, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

Two Planeloads on Private Jets

The admission by the Florida Division of Emergency Management “confirmed the suspicions” of Rob Bonta, California’s Attorney General, Tampa Free Press reports.

Not unlike New York City, Washington, DC, and Chicago, Sacramento bills itself as a “sanctuary city.”

Yet, as the GOP governors of Texas and Florida have been shipping off illegal immigrants to those cities, their Democratic leaders have been crying bloody murder.

Apparently, now it’s Sacramento’s turn to complain and prove it’s nowhere nearly as welcoming to migrants as it pretends to be.

Florida’s Division of Emergency Management confirmed the two planeloads of migrants it sent to California by posting a two-minute video. This video was showing illegal aliens who signed waivers, posed for photos, and danced to music on an airplane, according to a KCRA report.

The report points out Florida authorities released the video in order to rebuff claims by Newsom and Bonta that they “kidnapped” the migrants and loaded them on California-bound planes.

Sacramento Hardly Welcoming to the Migrants

The DeSantis administration sent only 36 migrants to Sacramento on two private jet flights. The video released by Florida’s authorities shows one of the migrants thanking God that they “made it to California.”

The illegal immigrants are also seeing telling a California government worker they were treated “super well” by the government of Florida.

Yet another illegal alien declared his gratitude for managing to come to California, while evading contact with Mexican drug cartels and the equally vicious MS-13 gang.

The report reveals California’s woke AG Bonta is pressing ahead with an investigation into the two private-jet flights from Florida, regardless of the migrants’ declarations that they were treated with respect and care by the DeSantis administration.

The TV station also received comments from a FDEM spokeswoman, Alecia Collins, who stated the migrants gave their “written and verbal consent.” They actually expressed a desire to be transported to California.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.