Former Colombian President Duque: Legalization of Cocaine is a Threat to America

Ivan Duque, a past leader of Colombia, issued a warning.

This warning states that his predecessor’s plans to decriminalize cocaine will transform Colombia into a “drug state,” endangering the security of the USA and other countries “in the continent.”

Duque Issues Warning

Duque, who was in New York for the Concordia Summit, said to Fox News Digital that legalizing drugs and drug use poses a unique set of dangers that many people aren’t fully aware of.

This will impact not just the United States and Colombia, but the world at large.

After leaving the government in August, Duque proceeded to warn that Colombia cannot evolve into a narco-state. If decriminalizing cocaine happens, it would quickly turn Colombia into a narco-state.

In an attempt to move away from what so many refer to as the “irrational” war against drugs, the party of current Colombian Leader Gustavo Petro has studied the concept of drug legalization.

Per the estimates from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Colombia produced more cocaine in 2020 than the two closest countries, Peru and Bolivia, put together.

Proponents of legalizing cocaine often claim that the dangers it poses are overblown and exaggerated. However, for people who have lost their lives to cocaine usage, they and their families would likely have a different version of events.

Duque: Investments in Colombia are Important

President Duque also spoke about the problem at the southern border of the United States and border control. Right now, this is a top issue that America has yet to fully get ahold of.

Rising investments in the Americas, he suggested, would’ve been one way to contribute to the solution.” He pointed out that Colombia must reform or struggle in the long run because climate change is being prioritized as a big issue.

According to him, 40% of Colombia’s exports are made up of oil and gas. Likewise, a large portion of the country’s revenue comes from taxes on and foreign direct investment in that industry.

Despite the fact the issue is “not a question of black and white,” he asserted that Colombia may be a pioneer in the pursuit of alternative energy sources.

Duque believes a change is coming and Colombia is in a position to supply green hydrogen within the next decade. However, he says the best game plan for today continues to be a sound focus on oil and gas production.

“In addition, we must continue to develop different non-traditional renewable energy sources.”

“I believe we must continue to be pioneers in the energy transition. We can do this by utilizing unconventional green technology. However, we must also preserve the conventional energy that provides income for the social services we have in Colombia,” he stated.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.