Former House Speaker Warns Democrats are Self-Sabotaging

"Newt Gingrich" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

With Democrats in control of Congress, along with the White House, they’re not even pretending to take things in stride.

Democrats are soaking up the power trips for all they’re worth. In addition to congressional Democrats openly flaunting that their congressional majorities free them of the need to work with GOP colleagues, Democrats used their majority to strip Rep. Marjorie Greene (R) of her assigned committee tasks.

“Nancy Pelosi in Ghana” (Public Domain) by U.S. Embassy Ghana

Following the actions against Rep. Greene, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned Democrats that a day will come when they no longer have the majority.

McCarthy’s warning also aligns with remarks from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Newsmax confirms. On Friday, Gingrich warned that Democrats’ current use of their majority power in Congress only guarantees their loss of it sooner rather than later.

Gingrich on the Current Power in Congress

On Friday, the former House Speaker sat down with Fox News for a conversation about the behavior of congressional Democrats. During this conversation, Gingrich explained that Democrats’ decision to pursue a “radical agenda” and exclude Republicans only increases the likelihood of the GOP regaining the House majority.

The former House Speaker then pointed to historical evidence to solidify his claim. When former President Bill Clinton forced through tax legislation without any GOP support, Democrats lost 54 House seats in 1994. Likewise, when Pelosi and other Democrats forced through strictly partisan legislation that lacked Republican support, they forfeited 63 House seats in 2010.

Gingrich ultimately stated that the Democrat Party is in “deep, deep trouble” despite their current hold on power. The former House Speaker then explained that due to Democrats’ behavior in Congress, Leader Kevin McCarthy is on his way to succeeding Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.

A GOP Comeback

2022 is the year that the GOP will have a significant chance to make a comeback. Republicans will have the opportunity to regain the House of Representatives; likewise, Sen. Raphael Warnock will be up for re-election, hence, Georgia Republicans will have the chance to make Warnock’s time as a senator quite short.

Next year will largely serve as a test on what the future of the GOP looks like. It will also give Republicans the chance to check the actions of the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress.

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