Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Didn’t Like Who Was Dating His Daughter…So He Did This

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo led the Empire State from 2011 to 2021.

As a top Clinton ally and Democrat insider, Cuomo was not seen as overly remarkable in any way. He was just your standard fare progressive, slowly pushing the country toward a worse future.

This took an accelerated turn back in 2019 with COVID-19. Cuomo began backing some of the strictest lockdowns in the country and became a key proponent of vaccine mandates.

Unfortunately for him, many allegations started coming up that he’d propositioned various women inappropriately, and he resigned in August 2021.

Now, more details are emerging about controversies that took place while he was in office.

Angry Andrew Plays the Jealous Dad

In the spring of 2020, Cuomo had a problem that predated his issues with being an alleged sex pest. These problems involved his disapproval of one of his security guards dating his daughter.

Specifically, trooper Dane Pfeiffer was romantically involved with Cuomo’s daughter. It is not clear which daughter, but it appears to have either been Cara Kennedy-Cuomo.

For his part, Cuomo was not thrilled about this and reportedly “volun-told” Pfeiffer to get lost. The trooper took the hint and asked to be moved upstate to the North Country in the city of Plattsburgh.

To be fair, Plattsburgh is not that bad and I myself partly grew up there. However, it was far away from his girlfriend and was a definite demotion in position for the young man.

Pfeiffer was obviously not too thrilled about being humiliated and told off in this way and is now speaking out about what went down.

As Pfeiffer said, Cuomo made it crystal clear that if he wanted to continue to have a career, he would get the hell out of the city as fast as possible.

A report that came out Friday spells out Pfeiffer’s concerns about being bullied by Cuomo, who he said actually pressured and forced him into it to try to stop his relationship with Cuomo’s daughter.

Pfeiffer is Being Promoted

At this point, it’s clearly Pfeiffer who is winning. Cuomo is out of a job. Pfeiffer is telling his story and being promoted to Sergeant back in the city.

Technically, Pfeiffer wasn’t actually breaking the law. His relationship with Cuomo’s daughter never provably caused any conflict of interest in his job of protecting Cuomo.

Nonetheless, Pfeiffer didn’t hide that he was truly in love with her and wanted to be with her. This is clearly what led to him being pushed out of the city and told to go far away.

Pfeiffer’s nightmare would be a Cuomo comeback, but we all have to wait and see if and when that takes place. At this point, he’s back on top.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.