Former Trump Official Accuses Adam Schiff of Leaking Classified Info

After House Speaker Kevin McCarthy prevented Adam Schiff from remaining on the House Intelligence Committee earlier this week, former CIA director Mike Pompeo stepped forward with some fresh allegations against Rep. Adam Schiff.

According to Pompeo, Schiff was continuously spreading classified information during the entire time he’d served as CIA director and secretary of state.

While he didn’t clarify what the information exactly was, he explained it was bad enough that he can’t even share it with Congress.

Mike Pompeo, former CIA director, throws accusations at Schiff

In response to the allegations he’d thrown at Schiff, Fox TV host Emily Compagno tried to get an answer out of Pompeo, wondering why Schiff wasn’t held accountable for his actions.

Pompeo went on to explain that while it’s impossible to pin down how exactly the leaks happened, he noticed whenever information was provided to Schiff and his staff, it’d end up where it shouldn’t be.

As a result of this, Pompeo spent the rest of his time as CIA director withholding information from Rep. Adam Schiff, most likely due to the security concerns that would arise if some of it were to be leaked.

However, this isn’t the first time Schiff is facing allegations like this. Two years ago, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, he went public to claim neither he nor his staff was responsible for any information leaks.

Schiff then pulled out the ole’ trusty caveat of not being able to know what the other members of the committee were up to, absolving himself of any guilt for the time being.

A continuous flow of classified information

Thankfully, Pompeo isn’t alone in his struggle to uncover Schiff’s classified info leaks; in 2021, Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell went in for the kill on Schiff.

Much like Pompeo, he also claimed Schiff and his team kept leaking information on a regular basis, without any rhyme or reason, raising multiple security concerns for the Trump administration at the time.

That same year, Arkansas Representative Tom Cotton suggested Schiff may be the source for all the reports of Russians offering bounties to the Afghans who successfully capture and execute US troops.

While this claim was certainly out of the left field, the response from Schiff’s team didn’t make matters any better and only threw additional shade at him.

In the interview he’d done for Fox News, Pompeo praised House Speaker McCarthy for kicking Schiff from the panel, with Schiff claiming the move was nothing short of petty payback for the Trump investigations.

That same day, Schiff had an interview of his own with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. He stated he’s too paranoid to take any classified info back to his house while he’s on the House Intelligence Committee.

After saying this, he took a sly shot at Trump, claiming he doesn’t understand why anyone would take any classified documents back to their home, knowing full well that President Biden was involved in a similar investigation at the time.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.