Former VP Dick Cheney Unleashes on Trump in New Ad

Later this month, Wyoming will have its primary election to determine whether or not GOP Rep. Liz Cheney holds onto her seat.

Right now, Cheney is being challenged by Republican Harriet Hageman, who’s managed to secure the endorsement of former President Trump. Hageman leads Cheney in the polls by double digits and maintains the current congresswoman is out of touch.

Meanwhile, Cheney insists that she’s putting “country over party” in her work on the January 6 committee and other endeavors. Cheney’s also contended that Hageman is essentially putting Trump above the Constitution.

Now, former Vice President Dick Cheney, the father of the Wyoming congresswoman, released an ad that directly takes the fight to Trump, per Breitbart News.

Reviewing Dick Cheney’s Claims Against Trump

On Thursday afternoon, Cheney released a one-minute campaign ad featuring a short speech from her father.

In this ad, Dick Cheney describes Trump as the greatest threat to the United States’ republic since the nation’s inception. Later, the former vice president deems Trump to be a “coward” who tried to “steal” the 2020 election and then misled his supporters.

After declaring that a “real man” wouldn’t do what Trump did, the former vice president said the most important thing his daughter will ever do is block Trump from getting back into power.

Before confirming his vote for his daughter and calling on other Wyoming residents to also vote for her, Dick Cheney claimed the majority of Republicans “know” that Trump did not win the 2020 election.

Country Over Party?

In addition to the recent ad from her father, Cheney also shared a post of actor Kevin Costner wearing a shirt that affirms his support for her. Captioning this image, Cheney declared that “real men” are willing to put the nation above partisan party interests.

“Country over party” has become the motto of the Wyoming congresswoman, notably as she seeks reelection. Cheney continues to maintain that Trump is a threat to the nation and to democracy in general.

This has angered the base of the GOP that supports Trump and is now backing Hageman to get Cheney out of office.

The Cheney campaign also gained attention for outreach to Wyoming Democrats. In this outreach, Democrats are asked to switch over to the Republican Party so they’re able to vote for Cheney over Hageman.

However, Wyoming Republicans outnumber Wyoming Democrats virtually four to one. This means even if each Wyoming Democrat flipped to the GOP to back Cheney in her primary, she would still need serious support from conservatives.

What do you think about the latest claims Dick Cheney made against former President Trump in his daughter’s campaign ad? Let us know in the comments area if you think Liz Cheney will be able to win her primary election on August 16.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.