Fox News Meteorologist Saves Senior From Gang of Aggressive Teens, Brutally Attacked

Meteorologist for Fox News Adam Klotz, 37 years old, stepped in to defend an elderly man being tormented and burnt by a group of youths and was severely beaten in return.

After watching the Giants’ loss at a Manhattan bar, Klotz boarded the subway at 12:45 a.m. to return home. He witnessed a group of youths harassing an elderly passenger on the train.

On Monday, Klotz appeared on Fox & Friends and shared a story about a bunch of teenagers who were passing around a joint and decided to ignite the older man’s hair.

Pursued and Attacked

Only Klotz, out of the estimated 25-30 others on the train, stepped up to defend the victim.

Unruly children started making fun of him and he tried to get away from them. They trailed him to another vehicle and assaulted him. Several stations later, he tried to exit the train, but as the doors opened, the entire gang “bum-rushed” him.

According to the meteorologist, no one sought to stop the beating while it was happening, but they came to the rescue as soon as the lynch mob had moved on.

He responded, “I understand it” and it seems that’s what happens when you stand up for someone. He tried to help someone out and this is what he got in return. One can reasonably ask, “Why would somebody want to do this to themselves?”

According to Klotz, there were maybe seven or eight teenagers in the group. New York City police soon apprehended three of them and then promptly returned them to their parents without pressing charges.

When asked how he felt about the absence of penalties for his attackers, Klotz responded that he wanted something to be done.

No Repercussions

In a video shared on Instagram following the attack, Klotz expresses extreme discomfort. He says “children” beat him up in the video.

On Fox & Friends, Klotz expressed his anger that neither the perpetrators nor their parents would be held accountable for the attack, leaving him to deal with the fallout on his own, while paying a baseline for his hospital stay.

He’s thinking of making a police case, but he’s hesitant to advocate for the punishment of the kids because of what he perceives to be institutional failings.

Klotz’s natural impulse to safeguard children’s futures is inspiring. Fox News host Steve Doocy asked the weatherman if he was going to file a complaint, which would give the city the option of filing charges against the hooligans.

The meteorologist paused before responding he wasn’t sure. He wanted someone to be punished, but what he truly wants is for things to improve. Klotz demanded that Mayor Adams station additional subway police.

Nothing is likely to change soon in New York State or New York City, the untouchable paradise of gangsters, and why should it?

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.