Freedom Loving South Africans Fight for a New Independent Cape

The Cape Independent Action Group was established in 2020 to help persons and organizations working towards Cape sovereignty cooperate and support one another. They are an ideological campaign group with a single issue: achieving Cape autonomy.

They are devoted to achieving political, legal, and peaceful autonomy for the Western Cape’s citizens. The Western Cape is a province of South Africa where the City of Cape Town is situated.

The group’s objective, as per the organization’s website, is to construct the independent Cape of Good Hope; this is an autonomous non-racial first-world sovereign nation on Africa’s southernmost tip. The Cape of Good Hope will improve the lives of all residents, irrespective of religion, creed, or culture; it will serve as a catalyst for greatness and optimism in Africa.

The Case For Self Determination

All ‘citizens’ have the ethical and practical freedom to select how and by whom they choose to be ruled (Right to Self Determination). The inhabitants of the Cape granted their democratic assent to be ruled by the National Government of South Africa.

This was done on the promises of a brighter future for all South African citizens, thinking that they were turning their backs on previous racial differences and establishing a ‘Rainbow Nation’ that all citizens would call their home.

The website says that their ideal has turned into a nightmare almost 30 years later. The Central Government has discarded any pretense of being a “Rainbow Nation.” Instead, the government is engaging in a racist jihad that has spread throughout their culture.

Local governance in many regions of the country has crumbled as a result; their industry has stalled, genuine joblessness has reached over 40%. Corruption is prevalent, homicide is widespread; the budget deficit has expanded out of hand and there are more benefit claimants than taxpayers. It’s a scenario that each of us must admit is unsustainable.

The inhabitants of the Cape have done everything they can to avert this calamity. At the elections, on the roads, and in the court, they have repeatedly opposed the ANC administration’s unethical and illogical behavior. Bravery has saved them from the worst of the damage; however, as long as they choose to stay in the existing system, it will be a war they will never win in the end.

A New Poll Shows Hope

According to a new poll done by Victory Research in July 2021, the region’s voters (58 percent) now favor holding a referendum on Cape Autonomy. When undocumented voters are added, support for independence currently stands at 46.2 percent among all eligible voters and 42 percent among all adults in the region. Over the last year, voter support has climbed by 12.2 percent, a 35 percent gain.

The result of the survey puts enormous pressure on the Democratic Alliance (DA), the Western Cape’s government party, to schedule a vote on Cape sovereignty. Not only do 65 percent of their people chose a vote, but 19 percent of them said that they would support a different party if the DA rejected independence. The DA will be pushed into a governing coalition with pro-independence groups if they did so.