Fresh Transgenderist Incident Stuns Dozens of Kids

A fresh incident of transgenderism struck literally “dozens” of kids and occurred at a swimming pool in Florida. This is underscoring the ongoing campaign of public harassment against the good people of the United States on a daily basis and nationwide.

Her Chest is Male in Her Mind

The new public case involved a “trans man,” that is, a woman considering herself to be a “man,” who was applying to become a lifeguard in a kids’ pool in Florida’s Jacksonville.

During the trials, the female “man” exposed her “bare breasts” before dozens of youngsters. Apparently, the woman thought it was okay to bare her chest since, in her Marxism-influenced mind, she is a “man.”

Reports about the trans incident at Cecil Aquatic Center in Jacksonville led the city government to confirm it, The Blaze reported citing local TV station WJAX.

The city’s statement said the authorities couldn’t confirm the age of the kids who were present, but pointed out that lifeguard recruitment includes only those who have turned 15.

It did acknowledge there were “several dozen children” who were present and using the pool with their parents when the display occurred. The report cites two unnamed city hall sources as saying the “trans man” will not be hired as a children’s pool lifeguard.

‘Trans Man’s Breasts: Do Not Sexualize!’

The incident in Jacksonville in no way disturbed transgenderism advocates, who seem to think “the more, the better.”

According to the chief of the Queer Trans Project, Cielo Sunsarae, the city of Jacksonville was mistreating the “trans man” because she (the woman) was there “to protect the children” and had been denied the job for a totally irrelevant reason.

Sunsarae also made the enlightened declaration that “kids don’t sexualize breasts” and that adults were to blame for blowing the disturbing incident out of proportion.

The transgenderism proponent insisted there should be no difference where “trans men” had their breasts removed with respect to being able to undress publicly.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.