Furious Parents Skirmish with Transgender Propagandists at Elementary School

Outraged parents have engaged in well-justified brawls with transgender activists and promoters at a Gay Pride Month event in California.

Taking Trans Debauchery Head-on

Cases of parents saying, “Enough is enough!” and taking matters into their own hands are only bound to spike nationwide, considering the skyrocketing arrogance of child groomers and moronic delusions.

In one of the fresh cases of decisive parental action, parents in North Hollywood gathered before Saticoy Elementary School at the end of last week. This was done in order to tackle a Gay Pride event designed to brainwash their kids.

The protesting parents were primarily Armenian Americans and Hispanic Americans, according to reports and social media accounts.

It was not long before the protests erupted into clashes with the LGBT crowd that provoked the parents, Fox News reports.

Follow-up interviews with some of them – such as Manuk Grigoryan, a father of four, revealed the parents were truly “fed up” with how the school district dismissed their worries about the Gay Pride events.

Fully Ignored by School District

Grigoryan added he wouldn’t send his children back to the school unless he spoke with district officials first.

He insisted his children were “too young” to be read transgender literature, as the Gay Pride groomers were planning to do at the event the parents’ protested against.

Grigoryan added the pro-trans book about various types of families – especially LGBT ones – was not suitable for his twin daughters of age eight.

He said the parents tried to speak with the school principal about their Gay Pride Month concerns, but to no avail. So they tried contacting Alberto Carvalho, the LA Schools Superintendent. However, he simply ignored them, leaving street protests as their only option.

Greater clashes during last Friday’s event between the parents and pro-trans child groomers were only prevented by the massive presence of the local police.

The protesters insisted that the transgenderists leave their children alone. Grigoryan said in his interview, he was determined to “fight this fight” for as long as might be needed.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.