George Floyd’s Close Partners Exposed BLM 

A new documentary busted the fraudulent narrative of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, which collected millions of dollars in donations, but spent nothing on the racial justice cause.

Many people, including the close friends and roommates of George Floyd, are interviewed in the documentary as they claimed they were blackmailed and ignored by BLM.

Racist Organization Badly Exposed

In the newly released documentary, critics slammed BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who bagged almost $90 million in donations in the name of black people, but used the money for her personal gain.

Once the New York Post revealed that Cullors used BLM funds to purchase luxurious real estate, she resigned from her post in 2021.

However, Cullors established that she left the movement to focus on her new book and work on a TV show. BLM has also refused to acknowledge any discrepancies in its finances.

Alvin Manago and Theresa Scott, the two roommates of George Floyd who lived with him in his last four years in Minneapolis, revealed they did not get any support from BLM.

Both Manago and Scott revealed Floyd used to love people and he always had a bible on his desk. After Floyd’s death, none of his family members visited his residential place, as per his roommates.

Likewise, both roommates suggested they had to pay all remaining bills of Floyd, but BLM did not help them to pay the bills, despite getting $90 million in donations.

BLM Only Intensified Violence

In addition to that, a boutique owner, Fraser Kitson of Los Angeles, revealed many pro-BLM social media influencers encouraged plunders to loot his shop, which had merchandise worth $400,000 when George Floyd’s murder protests were in full flow. 

Kitson specifically mentioned BLM influencer Chrissy Teigen, who posted on her Instagram that she would collect money to bail out the BLM protesters.

After Teigen’s promise, many protesters went violent immediately and plundered local stores. Kitson did not receive any compensation from the BLM movement.

Furthermore, a pastor named Charles Karuku, who is a Kenyan immigrant and a distant neighbor of George Floyd, recalled the area where Floyd lived used to be a peaceful place.

Whereas after Floyd’s death, Karuku continued, the whole area attracted criminals who looted different businesses and properties. Karuku further added that he saw many people, including pregnant women, receiving bullets in front of him during post-Floyd protests.

In 2020 only, homicides in Minneapolis increased by 60% once the BLM protesters went violent after Floyd’s death.

Apart from that, Karuku stated it is usually hard for people to build their possessions back after facing such misery in the name of the racial justice protests.

The anti-BLM documentary is made by conservative activist Candace Owens, who claimed BLM is a completely fraudulent organization that emotionally blackmails people to get their money by promoting racism in America. 

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.