Georgetown Student Urges Study on Face Mask Effectiveness

"President Trump Delivers Remarks on the" (Public Domain) by The White House

At this time, multiple states have chosen to mandate face masks. Some of these mandates require residents to wear masks indoors, outdoors, when social distancing is not possible, or all of the above.

As more and more face mask ordinances pop up, resistance is surging. Several police sheriffs in Ohio, Michigan, and Texas have indicated that they will not enforce requirements for residents to “mask up.” Lawmakers and other persons in Florida and additional areas are subsequently bringing lawsuits against mandatory mask orders.


Just yesterday in Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp (R) overruled local mask requirements in different cities. The governor continues to maintain that Georgians should voluntarily wear face masks, rather than having masks forced upon them by the government.

In light of so much social unrest regarding face masks, one Georgetown University student recently suggested that the nation conduct a study on the effectiveness of wearing masks versus not wearing masks, confirms Breitbart News.

The Case for a Study on Mask Wearing

As it currently stands, the science on mask-wearing is quite a mixed bag. Some people have suggested that face coverings protect others from asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus.

Others believe that wearing a face mask is similar to putting up an iron fence to keep out mosquitos. People have also noted that the particles of COVID-19 can easily make their way through a mask.

On Tuesday, a student with the Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service suggested a study that compares the effectiveness of wearing face coverings versus going without them. The Georgetown student questioned whether or not the country is presently using “anecdotal evidence” to promote mask-wearing.

However, “expert” Dr. Fauci rapidly shot down the idea of a study on mask-wearing. According to Fauci, “the summation and totality” of current findings show that face coverings are better than bare faces.

Additionally, the “expert” claimed that a case study on mask effectiveness would be “difficult to do” since it would require certain individuals not to wear masks.

No End in Sight?

Yesterday, multiple retail giants announced their decisions to mandate that customers wear masks. A few examples of said retailers include Kroger, Walmart, Best Buy, and more.

Since mask mandates, viral footage has appeared of verbal disputes and physical confrontations between mask-wearing individuals and individuals without masks.

Therefore, some people are making the case that a true study on the effectiveness of face coverings could potentially bring new insight to the conversations surrounding COVID-19.

What do you think about a study on the true effectiveness of wearing face masks? Why do you believe that Dr. Fauci is so strongly against this? Let us know down below in the comments section.