Georgia Governor Won’t Call Special Session to Overturn Biden Certification

"The Commander in Chief" (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard

Last month, the state of Georgia officially certified Joe Biden as their winner; this delivered Biden all 16 of the Peach State’s electoral votes.

President Trump, his legal aides, and many of his supporters believe that fraud and other forms of cheating engendered Biden’s win in Georgia. Therefore, the president’s legal team has requested recounts and audits, with the caveat of signature checks being included.

“The White House Christmas Tree Arrival” (Public Domain) by The White House

In seven days, the Electoral College is set to convene and vote on a formal winner of this presidential race. Time is of the essence; as such, Georgia has faced calls to hold a special session with the goal of ultimately overturning the certification of Biden as the state’s winner.

According to Townhall, Georgia governor Republican Brian Kemp maintains that he will not be holding a special session to reverse the election’s outcome.

Why Georgia Won’t be Holding a Special Session

The Georgia governor and lieutenant governor both issued a joint statement regarding calls for a special session. The statement confirms that Georgia will not be holding a special session, claiming that doing so would be in breach of state and federal laws.

Georgia Governor Kemp and Lt. Governor Duncan also maintain that despite calls from members of the state’s Senate, any legislature’s endeavors to “retroactively change” Georgia’s popular vote winner would violate the Constitution.

The joint statement from both Georgia officials also informs that under the current circumstances, state and federal laws prohibit a special session from convening to usher in new presidential electors.

Georgia’s Finalization of 2020 Election Results

All things considered, it appears as though Georgia has finalized their election results. The joint statement from Georgia’s governor and lieutenant governor arrived on the heels of Georgia’s secretary of state claiming that no widespread fraud happened in the election.

Meanwhile, Georgia election officials are criticizing President Trump. Just yesterday, Gabriel Sterling went after the president during an interview with MSNBC. Sterling accused Trump of spreading “misinformation” that he says may hurt the chances of Georgia Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue securing re-election.

As of now, there are still 250 continuous Georgia investigations into voter fraud and irregularities.

What do you think about the Georgia governor’s refusal to hold a special session to reverse Biden’s certification as the state’s winner? Do you believe Georgia has finalized their 2020 election results? Let us know down below in the comments section.