Georgia Open Carry Law Zinged by Left Amid ATL Crime Spikes

"Georgia National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Over the course of this month alone, crime in America’s inner cities has garnered new attention. Many people across the country have noted the danger of ongoing violence in communities like Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, etc.

President Trump himself is also speaking out about shootings, crime, and killings in inner cities. The president maintains that failed and weak Democrat leadership is the responsible culprit here; furthermore, Trump has warned that the federal government will begin to step in if states and localities don’t get their act together and cut down on crime.


As inner cities come under scrutiny for lawlessness, some mayors are attempting to pass the buck. In the case of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, she is faulting Georgia’s open carry law as a cause for rampant increases in Atlanta crimes, reports Breitbart News.

The Atlanta Mayor on Georgia’s Open Carry, Inner City Crime

Shootings in Atlanta have increased, as have murders. Worse yet, Mayor Bottoms has ordered police officers to stand down and not stop rioters, in certain cases. Morale within the Atlanta Police Department is at an all-time low, with reports of officers turning in their badges or calling out of work.

To say that Americans have questions about what’s going on would be a massive understatement; however, many folks aren’t pleased with the answers provided by the Atlanta mayor.

During an interview with MSNBC, Bottoms stated that “systemic issues” are happening across the nation and that Atlanta is no different. Shortly thereafter, the Atlanta mayor proceeded to claim that an “open carry state” such as Georgia permits residents to shoulder “assault weapons” without legal ramifications.

Bottoms also slammed Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, claiming that the latter “failed” the Peach State and isn’t upholding law and order.

Reactions from the Public

Mayor Bottoms’ response to the local crime in Atlanta has not won over much of the public. Many Americans maintain that open carry has absolutely nothing to do with recent surges of crime in Atlanta; although, some people have accused the Democrat mayor of failing to lead and blocking Atlanta police officers from doing their jobs.

Bottoms’ interview with MSNBC arrived amid news of a lawsuit against her from the Georgia governor.

Kemp’s lawsuit against the Atlanta mayor occurred after she flouted his executive order by forcing through an unenforceable, local mask mandate and ordering Atlanta businesses to shut their doors, thus illegally bringing the city’s reopening plan back to phase one.

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