Georgia Runoffs Results Expected to Drag Out Beyond January 5

"US and Georgia state flag" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Shane Ronemus

In less than one week, the Georgia runoffs will come to a close. The races between Kelly Loeffler vs. Raphael Warnock and David Perdue vs. Jon Ossoff have been consistently tight throughout this entire process.

Early voting wraps up this Thursday and on Tuesday, Georgia voters who did not cast a ballot early will have the chance to do so at the polls. Super PACs, activism groups, and politicians from both the left and the right have involved themselves in these runoff elections.

“Georgia State flag” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by serge.zykov

Republicans are eager for Perdue and Loeffler to ultimately win re-election, just as Democrats aspire for Ossoff and Warnock to replace the Georgia Republicans. However, Newsmax reports that Georgia — and the rest of the country — is unlikely to know the results of the special elections on Tuesday night.

Why Results Are Unlikely to Arrive on Election Night

The record number of votes in the Georgia runoffs are expected to delay the announcement of results past Tuesday, January 5. Due to the close nature of the races as well, results of the special elections are unlikely to arrive on Election Night, according to political analysts.

Predictions for the runoffs are also expected to mirror that of the November presidential election. Political scientists and consultants believe that the beginning round of votes will favor Perdue and Loeffler; Ossoff and Warnock, on the other hand, are expected to receive more votes from absentee and mail-in ballots that are counted later.

Yesterday, however, Perdue ensured supporters that GOP officials are “watching” and doing all that’s possible to ensure that these Georgia runoffs are clean and fair. Thus far, over 1.5 million Georgians have cast their ballots in person, while more than 802,000 Georgians voted via absentee ballot.

Lawsuits and Disputes in the Georgia Runoffs

Nothing is set in stone as of yet; however, candidates in the Georgia special elections do appear poised for potential disputes and lawsuits over these races.

Yesterday, Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff professed that the process of the runoffs will “follow whatever course” it must. The candidate seeking to unseat Perdue also vowed that Democrats will ensure that every single ballot is counted in these runoffs.

Due to the massive claims and reports of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the Georgia runoffs are expected to be closely monitored.

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