Georgia Secretary of State Still Denying Claims of Voter Fraud

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Disputes over the 2020 presidential election remain very much alive in the state of Georgia.

Multiple poll watchers have come forth and alleged that they were told to leave their posts, even as the counting of ballots continued. Just last week, footage surfaced online of ballots being taken out of suitcases and prepared for tabulation.

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To add insult to injury, Fulton, Floyd, and Fayette Counties in Georgia have each suffered major issues with fully counting and tabulating their ballots. Even during a recent vote recount, swarms of previously uncounted ballots were found and new errors with Dominion Voting Systems came up.

Despite all of the above, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger continues to deny the presence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, reports Breitbart News.

Raffensperger on Voter Fraud in Georgia

This morning, the Georgia secretary of state sat down with ABC News to discuss the heavily-disputed 2020 presidential election. While on air, Raffensperger declared that his office has not once unearthed “systemic fraud.” He also made a point of claiming that there is simply “not enough” for an overturn of the 2020 race’s current results.

According to Georgia’s secretary of state, he’s requested for the state’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp to provide “additional manpower resources” for concluding the investigation of over 250 cases.

Raffensperger also admitted that his office seeks to “quickly” wrap up these investigations before reiterating that he hasn’t found anything to reverse Biden’s win in the Peach State. Finally, before wrapping up with ABC News, Raffensperger said that he is a Republican who votes for fellow Republicans.

Unrest Among Georgia Republicans

The current disposition of the Georgia secretary of state is causing much unrest and unhappiness for Republicans in the Peach State. Quite simply, conservatives and Trump supporters in Georgia remain convinced that voter fraud very much tainted the state’s election outcome.

Both Raffensperger and Kemp are additionally under fire from Georgia Republicans who view them as not doing their jobs effectively. Some have accused the secretary of state of having involvement in a purposeful coup and coverup; nonetheless, Raffensperger continues to insist that his job is to ensure “honest and fair elections.”

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