Good! – Biden Encourages Deeper Investigation into COVID Origins

In the midst of the security organization’s ongoing inquiry into the sources of COVID-19, President Biden is planning to attend the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Tuesday afternoon.

The commander-in-chief uncovered in May how the U.S intelligence agencies had rallied between two possible outcomes for the beginnings of COVID-19, such as whether it surfaced from human contact with an infectious creature or from a research lab mishap. Biden asked for additional intelligence as the intelligence agencies are aggressively researching the virus’s origins.

Biden Insists Security Agencies Work Even Harder to Find COVID Origins

Agencies must redouble all methods to identify and evaluate the information which might bring the world closer to a clear conclusion; they are also expected to send progress to Biden in 90 days, he urged. Biden’s announcement was made 62 days ago.

CIA Director Bill Burns told NPR the other day that the intelligence agency cannot make a definite determination as to whether COVID started in a lab experiment or if it arose in a natural transfer from animal feces to humans at this time.

They’re putting in a lot of effort, Burns remarked. This isn’t an intellectual issue; this concerns not only the hundreds and thousands and millions of citizens who have been impacted from around the globe, but it’s also critical.  

It’s critical as the CIA considers how to avert another epidemic disaster of this scale in the future, not just in the Western World, but in other regions of the world. Getting to the source of this is vitally critical, Burns added.

The Chinese Government has Not Been Open on the Issue

The Chinese Communist Party has not been open; they’ve first refused to fully assist with the WHO’s inquiry and indicated lately that it will refuse to comply in a follow-up probe as well, according to Burns. 

He went on to say that they will endeavor to do everything that they can to collect information on this, collaborate with the remainder of the intelligence agencies, and provide the best responses they can.

Burns, on the other hand, acknowledged that the intelligence agencies may not be able to reach a definite conclusion on the sources of COVID-19; however, he insisted that it will not be for a lack of solid work or desire to learn a great deal about what transpired.

However, throughout his trip, the president is expected to honor the intelligence group’s personnel and management for their efforts; this comes during what the White House has characterized as a difficult period for the agency under the Trump administration.

It is very clear that intelligence agencies have much to do in regards to getting to the bottom of what happened with COVID.