GOP House Oversight and Reform Committee Seeks Meeting on Border Crisis

"ICE Courts, Greens Rd, Houston, TX 18062" (CC BY 2.0) by Patrick Feller

The backlash against the Biden administration’s failed immigration policies is surging. Democrats are calling out the current White House administration for putting “kids in cages,” ironically a criticism that the Trump administration also faced.

Here’s the reality regarding the Southern border: multiple crises are very much underway. There are thousands of migrant children arriving alone at the Southern border. Furthermore, illegal immigrants are also coming to the border, many of whom are also carriers of COVID-19.

“East Face, U.S. Capitol Building, Washin” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Ken Lund

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the border crisis is getting more and more out of control with each passing day. This is why the GOP House Oversight and Reform Committee seeks a formal hearing regarding the Southern border crisis, Newsmax reports.

The Call for a Formal Congressional Hearing on the Border Crisis

House Oversight and Reform Committee GOP lawmakers didn’t mince words in their calls for a meeting regarding the situations at the Southern border.

The Republican congressmembers penned a letter to Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the committee’s leader; in this letter, Maloney is urged to agree to a formal hearing on the migrant children currently being housed in “container facilities” at the border.

Furthermore, the GOP committee wants the proposed hearing to address what President Biden is doing to reduce the surges of abandoned migrant children and illegal immigrants coming to the border. These are serious matters, especially since the Department of Health and Human Services reports that shelters at the border have already reached occupancy levels of 94%.

If the migrant arrival rates continue as they have been, then these shelters will eventually become 100% full before April 2021. House Judiciary Committee Republicans are also supportive of a formal hearing to get to the bottom of these issues at the Southern border.

The Biden Administration’s Silence

The White House is not at all addressing the very real problems that exist at the Southern Border. Instead, President Biden’s energies are directed towards forcing through a partisan amnesty bill that would grant citizenship to at least 11 million illegal aliens.

Just earlier this month, Biden stood before the press and proclaimed that no crisis exists at the Southern border. This is an outright lie, and until serious changes are made, Republicans are going to hold the Biden administration’s feet to the fire.

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