Grabby Creepy Joe Strikes Again But Harder With Bizarre Dating Advice to Unknown Girl

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden grabbed an unwitting, unknown girl in order to bestow upon her his bizarre dating advice, leading critics immediately to rebrand him from Sleepy Joe to Creepy Joe.

Now, He’s Grabby, Too!

Biden managed to tangibly turn up the creepy factor. There was the “element of surprise” and actual grabbing, with the entire act caught on social media video, in spite of efforts by Secret Service details to prevent that.

The creepy incident happened in Irvine, California. Sleepy Joe was visiting Irvine Community College to tout his administration’s measures to cut down medicine prices and to tackle inflation, which has skyrocketed precisely on his watch.

The video that caught Biden’s creepy dating advice gaffe showed him standing behind a young woman, practically a teenage girl. At one point, he grabbed the unsuspecting girl’s right shoulder, leaned forward, and gave her a piece of his dating “wisdom” for women.

Creepy Joe told the girl of a “very important thing” that he has told his daughter and his granddaughters, namely, they should be dating “no serious guys” until they turn 30.

Biden’s dating advice gift seemingly took the young woman by surprise, causing her to respond by uttering an “Ok!” garnished with uncomfortable, embarrassed laughter.

(Social media footage snapshot)

#CreepyJoe Trending Immediately

The video that caught Creepy Joe’s distribution of love wisdom in action was taken by Kalen D’Almeida, a reporter affiliated with Turning Point USA, a conservative non-profit dealing with education.

D’Almeida could be seen in the video on the left-hand side of both Biden and the poor recipient of his dating wisdom, as he is shooting it as a selfie.

Commentator Benny Johnson tweeted Biden “is at it again,” while another commentator, Ian Haworth, imagined how the mainstream media would have cried bloody murder if President Trump had done the same thing as “our Joe.”

Lisa Boothe, a contributor of Fox News, declared in a tweet that “way too many” such videos existed already. Washington Examiner correspondent Byron York wondered why Joe Biden kept doing “this.”

The Hodge Twins tweeted that “Biden’s handlers” must have been “cringing after this one.”

Creepy All Around

Creepy Joe has managed to amass a number of other cringe-worthy episodes with young women and girls since occupying the White House almost 21 months ago.

In a speech in Virginia in May 2021 to commemorate military veterans, he commented on how an elementary school girl in the audience crossed her legs, and, in his creepy view, seemed like she was 19.

In October 2020, ahead of the last presidential election, Biden went to Miami where he visited a Haitian cultural center. After witnessing the young girl dancers’ performance there, he declared he preferred to see them again when they got “four years older.”

Last month, Creepy Joe pointed out a woman in an audience and explained the two of them were very close when he was 30 years ago and she was 12 years old.

When he was Barack Obama’s veep, Biden was caught on camera as he seemed to be sniffing young children’s hair while congressional members were being sworn in.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.