Green Energy Collapsing as Wind Turbines Keep Collapsing Worldwide

Green energy is widely promoted as a solution to the pollution of carbon fuels. Liberal leaders and environmentalists tell us we must switch to renewable energy sources for the future well-being and survival of the planet.

This means sources like solar power, electric vehicles, geothermal, and wind power.

Though there’s a big catch: Many sources of “renewable” energy are extremely harmful to the environment, such as the production process that goes into solar panels and the batteries in electric vehicles.

What’s even more concerning is that sources like wind power are now collapsing, literally.

Wind Power Emergency

Wind turbines can get up to almost 800 feet in height. They are massive structures that spin around and generate significant amounts of power. However, many of them are having more and more problems with staying upright and attached.

Around the world, reports of collapsing and malfunctioning wind turbines are on the rise, as poor production quality is being fingered as the culprit.

From the Midwest and Southern US to Europe, wind turbines are being reported as falling down or having the blades spin off and crash to the ground.

That’s like watching a structure almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower have spinning giant rotors spin-off it or come crashing down entirely. God forbid anyone should be close to it.

That’s without even getting into the 100,000 or more birds that are murdered by wind power every year and the enormous amount of fossil fuels used in the production of wind power.

Is this the Green New Deal Joe Biden and his pals want to push on us so badly? A wasteful energy apocalypse of falling towers as American workers are laid off in the oil and gas sector?

Winding Us Up

The major corporations that produce wind power, such as General Electric (GE), are full of excuses.

GE head Larry Culp said the process for “stabilizing” the quality and dependability of wind turbines “takes time.” He said the technology is accelerating so “rapidly” that this is why there are some quality issues.

Other companies, like Siemens, have also experienced major issues; so has Vestas wind power company.

It’s clear this is far from just an isolated incident; when you have 300-foot-long blades falling to the ground, it’s not surprising that people are very concerned.

GE and other woke corporations want to virtue signal and make huge profits at the same time. They keep cranking up the size and scale of their wind projects, but the result is serious safety and reliability problems.

Blowin’ in the Wind

Wind power has proven itself undependable and dangerous. It’s time to take a much closer look at this energy source, along with the liability and legal responsibility of those producing and promoting it.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.