Half of the Country is Now Bracing For Civil War

It’s no secret that America has been facing growing amounts of division for years on end now.

This division has been fueled by presidential elections, COVID-19 restrictions, immigration, abortion, policing, and a series of other issues.

When Joe Biden came into office, he talked a good game about unifying the nation. Yet, he has not managed to accomplish this. Biden’s actually furthered divisions by attacking lawmakers and Americans who don’t support his agendas.

Now, a startling new poll shows that a little more than half of Americans are bracing for civil war to break out, per The Hill.

A Sign of the Times?

Researchers linked to the California Violence Research Center and the University of California-Davis Violence Prevention Research Program confirmed that in a new poll, exactly 50.1% of Americans believe civil war will happen within the years to come.

A little over 47% of Americans disagreed with this. However, the slight majority favoring the former view over the latter speaks volumes.

Many Americans today also have serious concerns about democracy and the type of leadership at the helm of this country. Biden continues to carry drastically low approval ratings, with even Democrats growing tired of him.

The poll also shows a growing amount of support for political violence. Close to 20% cited their support of violence as a means of safeguarding democracy.

Over 15% shared the same support for using violence as a means of securing the American lifestyle. People with this outlook also carry concerns that what it means to be an American is ultimately starting to fade away.

What’s Fueling These Responses?

The poll on Americans’ views about democracy, civil war, and political violence is not good. It’s especially bad that so few people have confidence in the direction the United States is heading.

Ultimately, many people feel frustrated and believe the government is working against them, rather than for them.

Others believe their perceived political enemies are threatening their ways of life and ability to have a happy future as American citizens. The fear behind this is what’s ultimately leading to the polling on civil war predictions and a permissive attitude towards violence.

Democrats, especially, have continued to claim that democracy is under attack by conservatives and the GOP. They’ve made these claims about 2020 election disputes, the possibility of Republicans winning the November midterms, and more.

Biden’s talk about turning down the temperature and cooling off heated political tensions has not materialized. Only time will tell what the future holds here in America.

Do you believe a civil war is going to break out in the United States within the next few years? What do you believe the future holds? You’re invited to let us know your thoughts about these issues in the comments section.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.