Hamas Killed More of Its Own People than Israelis, New Study Shows

As per a new assessment produced by the Meir Amit Intelligence & Terrorist Information Center, many more Palestinians reportedly were killed by missile strikes; these strikes were conducted by Gaza’s governing Hamas terrorist organization during the 11-day war in May than Jews in Israel.

Roughly half of the Palestinians killed were verified terrorists, according to the investigation.

The study, which has been released on Tuesday, examined the identities of those slain in the current confrontation with Gaza; this is a war between a US-designated terror group, against Israel. 

The war started in May this year after Hamas fired over 4,300 missiles at civilian centers across the State of Israel.

Hundreds of Rockets landed in the Gaza Strip, Falling Short of Israel

As per the Information and Terror Resource Centre, 680 of such missiles apparently missed their target and fell within the Gaza Strip; this led to the killing of 21 Gaza residents, notably nine young children and two women.

Islamists’ rocket attacks, on the other hand, killed 12 Israelis, two of whom were kids, as well as one IDF soldier who was shot by an anti-tank rocket.

A name assessment found that at least 112 Palestinian people slain during the clash were public representatives of terror groups,; others have been killed were located in close proximity to jihadist agents or strategic objectives during a strike. This comes as a consequence of Hamas positioning its jihadist facilities near or even under civilian constructions.

Several Muslim deaths were not ascribed to Israel, according to Palestinians, who are currently examining the facts.

A UN assessment claims that the proportion of citizen to military fatalities in Gaza really was the smallest in just about engagement in the history of warfare, according to Col. Richard Kemp, former leader of British forces in Afghanistan.

Kemp said that this was attributable to the IDF’s unparalleled efforts to reduce civilian deaths, including before airstrike warnings to residents.

He also blamed Hamas for the use of Gazan human shields that attributed to more civilian losses.

Given the increasing number of Palestinians slain by Hamas missiles, official media outlets have made little note of the truth.

Hamas is well-known for using people as protection in times of war.

The United Nations Refugee Administration for Palestine Refugees issued a statement earlier in the month, acknowledging the existence of terrorist tunnels beneath a Gaza college it runs.

Furthermore, Hamas acknowledged that military and security offices were located in residential neighborhoods.

Citizens of Gaza Fear Palestinian Rule more Than Israeli Rule

The emphasis on the claimed hardship of Palestinians at the mercy of Israel is frequently used to divert attention away from the harm and tyranny Palestinians face beneath Hamas control.

The mainstream press has focused predominantly on a conflict over many residences in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah area; they’ve portraying Israeli plaintiffs as attempting to ethnically cleanse the area through their existence. Meanwhile, Nizar Banat, an influential Palestinian critic of PA figurehead Mahmoud Abbas, has been widely overlooked.

Despite enormous protests against Abbas, his administration, and the corruption allegations leveled against them, Banat’s killing has received little notice.