Harris Assigns Blame to GOP Members Over Southern Border

The southern border has been turned upside down since Joe Biden got into office. This is a consequence of the current president choosing to roll back the immigration reforms of his predecessor without having any suitable replacements.

Therefore, word quickly spread that the border was wide open. It also didn’t help matters that Vice President Kamala Harris was designated to be the border czar nearly two years ago. Harris hasn’t done anything to secure the border; in fact, she’s barely even visited it.

Meanwhile, data from the Department of Homeland Security continues to show an uptick in border crossings under this administration. Likewise, there are growing reports of migrants dying as they make the journey to cross the southern border.

While all this transpires, the vice president is now passing the blame onto Republicans for the current condition of the southern border, according to Hot Air.

The Infamous NPR Interview

During an interview with NPR, Harris claimed a lack of cooperation from Republicans in Congress is fueling problems with the southern border. Likewise, the vice president claimed “so much” ought to transpire in order to fix border problems.

Though it’s also Harris’ view that the only feasible route forward is legislation that permits lawful citizenship pathways. Many Republicans have pushed back against this, worrying that it would ultimately incentivize even more illegal immigrants into the United States.

Suffice it to say, many conservatives disagreed with the claims that Harris made while speaking to NPR. Some even said the vice president has been derelict in her duty, since border problems still persist over one year after she was assigned to be the border czar by Biden.

A Job for the Next President?

At this rate, it looks like the Biden administration and Republicans have reached an impasse when it comes to the southern border.

The White House routinely downplays problems at the border, despite DHS data and growing numbers of border cities becoming overwhelmed by crossings.

This issue only became widely acknowledged by the Biden administration after Republican governors started giving migrants transportation to left-wing communities like New York City, Martha’s Vineyard, and Washington DC.

All things considered, the onus may very well lie with the next president after Biden to secure the southern border. Biden hasn’t indicated that he has any serious immigration reform plans, despite what Harris stated while speaking with NPR earlier this week.

In the meantime, border states and cities will have to keep doing what they view as best to safeguard their communities.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.