Harris Finally Visiting the Border, Just Before Trump


Kamala Harris has finally landed in Texas on Friday for the long-awaited Mexican border visit; when asked why this has taken her so much time to visit (despite being assigned to lead the effort to address the origins of the migrant crisis upwards of 90 days ago), Harris clapped back hard.

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This comes as no surprise as the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced that he would be visiting the border due to a lack of response from the current administration.

It is obvious that Harris is panicking, due to the fact that Trump will steal the limelight and turn the narrative towards that of greater border security.

Here Are the Details

On Friday, Kamala Harris is to visit the Mexican border with the United States, 93 days after taking over the situation from President Joe Biden in March.

The trip comes after over 50 Republican senators asked that Biden remove Harris on June 20, due to her failure to protect the Mexican border. President Trump booked an upcoming tour to the border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott just five days before Harris announced any plan to visit.

Harris went to Georgia, South Carolina, and the northeastern USA to push coronavirus immunizations rather than assessing the border crisis, which has seen a roughly 700 percent increase in undocumented immigrant crossings since last May.

Harris also traveled to Latin America on June 8;  in a discussion with NBC News’s Lester Holt, she joked that she hadn’t gone to the border since she hadn’t been to Europe either.

A Univision reporter asked if she’ll be traveling to the Southern border, Harris chuckled again about the situation.

Although the explanation for the failure of emphasis on border control is uncertain (after repealing the previous regime’s border control initiatives, such as terminating the Remain in Mexico policy), the Biden Administration appears to have few meaningful remedies to the situation.

Her Actions are Not Without Criticism

Harris’ sudden declaration on Wednesday that she will check the border on Friday has provoked widespread criticism.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted that Harris now has an opportunity to see personally what 100+ Republicans have seen: the Biden administration’s accessible policies have created a situation in which kids are harmed, families are manipulated, and drug gangs are empowered.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) claimed Harris is following in the footsteps of President Trump by attempting to hide from the situation. President Trump wants to go to the wall, and they think, uh oh, we’ve had to do about it, Ted Cruz stated.

According to Charlie Kirk, head of the conservative movement Turning Point USA, it required Donald Trump promising to go to the frontier for the US vice president to really commit to visiting and addressing the border situation.