Harris Won’t Denounce Democrats’ Controversial Election Strategy

Vice President Kamala Harris refused to denounce Democrats’ efforts to support far-right candidates in the midterm elections.

As Democrats are on the verge of losing the congressional majority in the November midterm elections, they are promoting the candidacies of pro-Trump politicians in the hope they will not pose a significant challenge to Democrats in the upcoming elections.

Kamala Harris Backs Pro-Trump Candidates

In a recent NBC interview, host Chuck Todd asked Harris why Democrats are supporting the candidacy of far-right nominees in their primary elections.

Responding to this, Harris stated she would not tell politicians how to run their campaigns. According to Harris, candidates should make their campaign decisions with the help of their advisers and craft the best strategy for their state.

Last month, Democrats supported a pro-Trump candidate John Gibbs in the Michigan primaries, who eventually defeated anti-Trump Republican Congressman Peter Meijer.

Democrats spent $435,000 on an ad campaign against Meijer, which resulted in Gibbs’s victory. Meijer was one of the ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in the aftermath of the January 6 Congress riots.

Todd asked Harris if she would support the far-right candidates in her own election campaign.

On this, Harris claimed so many things are on the line in the November elections, so all candidates should make their own strategy according to the needs of their campaign.

Strategy is Likely to Backfire

Many leftist activists and liberal media outlets suggest Democrats’ ambitions to help far-right candidates can backfire.

Similarly, Democrats are even questioning the loyalty of Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who are slamming MAGA Republicans, but still allowing their strategists to support far-right candidates.

Progressive Congresswoman AOC claimed Democrats should learn elevating the candidacy of far-right nominees is not in favor of the country.

Outgoing Democratic lawmaker Stephanie Murphy also noted Democrats should not compromise on their values just to win the elections.

Liberal media networks have repeatedly asserted if far-right candidates win their midterm elections somehow, it will bring many election deniers to the legislature.

Democratic strategists claimed far-right candidates would not be able to give tough competition to Democratic nominees in the November elections, which could help Democrats retain the majority.

Some political insiders noted Democrats’ ambitions to support far-right candidates could tarnish their relations with moderate Republicans.

The most important bill which Democrats are aiming to pass with the help of moderate Republicans will codify same-sex marriages into law.

A number of Senate Republicans already stated they will support the same-sex marriage bill; so Democrats are optimistic they will be able to avoid the Senate filibuster with the help of 10 Republican votes.

Whereas Democrats’ efforts to denounce moderate Republicans in the primary elections are likely to bring differences between them and the GOP lawmakers.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.