Herschel Walker: Dems Will Say Anything To Get Your Vote

Republican Herschel Walker told an audience of several hundred people, “They’re canvassing for your vote, but immediately, you can see exactly what they’re doing.”

“They Woke Up A Bear”

Walker’s statement was characterized by parables, athletic allusions, and references to having to send a “champion” to the Senate and trying to catch Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA).

Walker claimed Warnock was “running” away from having to debate him. Walker’s Southern Christian roots and competitive spirit were also clear all throughout hisĀ speech.

Just under a month before the election, the retired University of Georgia football star, NFL athlete, and Olympian is tied with Warnock in one of just a few elections that might determine which party holds the Senate majority in 2023.

Walker focused on the most important problems for Georgians, such as debilitating inflation, the current military’sĀ “wokeness,” and law enforcement practices, while Cotton and Scott focused on the national implications of the campaign.


Warnock, a pastor for 30 years, has been exposed for expressing anti-police sentiments in previous sermons. He said the acquitted Ferguson, Missouri policeman implicated in the killing of Michael Brown had a “gangster and criminal mindset” in 2015.

It’s Time To Support The Military

“It’s time for us to send to the Senate champions who will support our military. It’s time for us to send there champions who will stand with our women and men in law enforcement.”

“It’s time for us to send representatives to Congress who will support our children’s education so people won’t continue to refer to our parents as domestic terrorists since they are curious about what is being taught in our classrooms,” Walker said.

“Hey, give it some thought. Pronouns? How do you recognize them? In the armed forces? It’s wartime right now. What became of pushups? Sit-ups!”

“Right now, I can assure you that China, Iran, and Russia are not discussing pronouns. The time has come for us to awaken.”

Walker, who retired from football 25 years ago and later founded a company and promoted mental illness awareness, is still admired in his native state for his prowess on the field.

A woman wearing a Walker shirt, along with “Run Herschel Run” hats, could be seen among the Carrollton rally attendees.

After his speech, there was a long line of people waiting to see Walker, who spent the remainder of the event signing merchandise and taking pictures.

Walker has no additional scheduled public engagements this week, as he focuses on getting ready to debate Warnock on Friday in Savannah.

Towards the conclusion of his speech, he made a joke about the eagerly awaited occasion, saying, “I’m this country, lad. You all had better watch it on Friday. There will be a discussion. I commanded him to stop eluding me. Stop running or I’ll catch up with you.”