Herschel Walker Endorsed for U.S. Senate by Former President Trump

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In January 2021, Georgia elected Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff into the U.S. Senate. The elections of Warnock and Ossoff happened due to low GOP voter turnout; data and voting stats comparing the 2020 presidential election vs. the 2021 Senate runoffs showed a considerable drop in Republican voters for the latter election.

Ossoff is set for the standard six-year senatoral term; however, the same cannot be said for Sen. Warnock. This is because Warnock is completing the term of a now-retired Georgia senator; therefore, he is up for re-election in 2022.

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-” (CC BY 2.0) by Senate Democrats

Warnock being up for re-election means that Georgians will have a do-over. Earlier this year, former Sen. David Perdue was thought of as a potential challenger for Warnock; however, Perdue announced last month that he would not run for office in the 2022 Senate race.

This month, former President Trump released a statement urging college football star Herschel Walker to challenge Warnock in the 2022 Senate race, Washington Examiner confirms.

Walker vs. Warnock 2022?

In a statement this week, Trump declared that Walker would be an “unstoppable” force against Sen. Warnock. Noting Walker’s success as a player for the National Football League (NFL) and Georgia Bulldogs, the former president praised Walker as a “great person” before urging him to run.

Since Trump’s public statement, many other conservatives have come out in favor of Walker challenging Warnock for his Georgia Senate seat. If Walker were to run against Warnock and win, this could possibly flip the Senate, giving Republicans a narrow 51-49 majority. Winning back the majority in the House and/or the Senate is a huge goal for the GOP in 2022.

Warnock has not released any statements regarding a possible challenge from Walker. However, the Georgia Democrat senator has called upon supporters for donations to back his re-election campaign.

Will Herschel Walker Run for U.S. Senate?

At this time, Walker has not confirmed that he’ll run for Senate. Trump’s endorsement has certainly put the idea out there; although, whether or not Walker runs remains to be seen.

With former Sen. Perdue out as a possible challenger, former Georgia GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler is viewed as a potential challenger, as is Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins. Nevertheless, the 2022 Senate race in the Peach State will be deeply impactful in national politics.

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