Herschel Walker Shows Off Fake Badge During Debate

Raphael Warnock stressed his alleged support for police departments while discussing lawlessness and gun brutality in Georgia. He mentioned the Senate’s support to pass gun control rules.

Herschel Defends Police

Walker responded by criticizing Warnock for being ineffective in combating crime and demeaning law enforcement.

Walker stated, “Well, firstly, you understand, I’m not willing to stand for and I’m not prepared to back any law or bill approved that would impact anyone’s Second Amendment.”

“Thirdly, Sen. Warnock’s sympathy for law enforcement is distressing to hear because he insults them in his speeches.”

“The spirit is low as a result of the name-calling he engaged in, only as a result of the things he’s done recruitment has since decreased,” Walker said.

“He’s given criminals the confidence that they can outperform the police; because he supports no cash bail and the release of inmates, he doesn’t guard the border.”

Walker also bragged about the sheriffs of Georgia endorsing him. “He speaks about the cops; I have had the support of more sheriffs compared to any other candidate in Georgia at this time.”

Walker added, “I even have a couple of sheriffs present. They supported me because they trusted that I would have their back. They’re going to defend me. Hearing him say that after calling them names is disgraceful.”

Walker, who worked for Cobb County as an Honorary Agent and Special Deputy Sheriff, was charged by Warnock with impersonating a police officer.

“I’m Not A Cop!”

“I have never claimed to be a law enforcement officer.”  Furthermore, Warnock asserted, “I’ve never promised a shooting with the cops.”

After Warnock challenged Walker, the moderator attempted to move the conversation along, but Walker reaffirmed his affiliation with the Cobb County Sheriff’s office and produced a sheriff’s badge.

“You know what else is really hilarious?” Walker said as he displayed the badge, “I have dealt with many law enforcement officers.”

The moderator then intervened and chastised Walker for allegedly breaking the rules by employing a “prop” during the discussion.

Following the conversation, Walker charged Warnock with advocating for President Joe Biden’s views in the Senate rather than Georgians.

After being asked what he’s doing to curb murders in Georgia, Walker responded, “Well, what I’d do is hold perpetrators accountable, which is what Sen. Warnock is not doing.”

“Do you support no-cash bail? No responsibility. That is a difficulty. People need to take responsibility for their acts.”

“Sen. Warnock is to blame for the reality because he declared he would represent Georgia in Washington. He traveled to Washington to stand in for Joe Biden,” according to Walker.

“Since he promotes Joe Biden, but not the reality for Georgia, that is why we are in the predicament we are in right now.”