High Percentage of Nursing Home Staffers Turn Down COVID-19 Vaccine

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Producers and distributors of the COVID-19 vaccine have been on a mission to convince everyone of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy. This explains why politicians on both the Democrat and GOP side were publicly vaccinated on camera.

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Despite the ongoing PR campaign about the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine, many people just aren’t convinced. Over the past several weeks, first responders, doctors, and others in similar occupations have made headlines for largely turning down the coronavirus vaccine. Some people in these professions chose to receive the vaccine, but others said no deal.

According to Washington Examiner, nursing home staffers are some of the latest people to reject the COVID-19 vaccine.

Nursing Home Staffers on the Coronavirus Vaccine

According to the CDC, fewer than four out of ten nursing home staffers who were offered the COVID-19 vaccine agreed to get it. However, more than seven out of ten nursing home patients have gotten vaccinated against coronavirus.

According to a study from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 29% of nursing home staffers are either unwilling or unlikely to accept the COVID-19 vaccine. Many nursing home facilities are therefore seeking to change this by offering staffers paid leave and salary bonuses in exchange for receiving the injection.

Like nursing home staffers, many doctors, firefighters, and others in essential worker positions are turning down the coronavirus vaccine.

The Truth About Hesitancy Towards the COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine distribution is a high priority for the nation right now. An ongoingly-debated stimulus package in the federal government contains measures designed to speed up the production and distribution of the vaccine.

A common theme regarding COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy deals with uncertainty about reactions to the injection. Hence, many Americans in all different occupations have stated that they will first wait to see how others react to coronavirus vaccination before getting the shot themselves.

Some adverse reactions to the vaccine have been reported; other people, however, got the vaccine without any problems. Another common theme regarding this vaccine suggests that there’s a deeper reason why so many healthcare workers and first responders are turning down the shot. Many believe that these people know more about the vaccine than the general public.

What do you think about such high percentages of nursing home staffers turning down the COVID-19 vaccine? If you haven’t already been vaccinated against coronavirus, are you willing to receive the shot? Share your perspectives in the comments section below.