Hillary Clinton Again Rumored to Be Planning Another Presidential Run

Lately, the Clinton family has been inserting itself back into the public eye.

Hillary Clinton’s been making comments that liken Trump supporters to Nazis and demand for Republicans to stand up against Trump if he tries running for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Bill Clinton recently gave an interview where he ironically talked about the limits of the country when it comes to illegal immigration into the United States.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have been doing press for their Apple TV+ series that focuses on gutsy women.

Amid all this, there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Hillary Clinton is planning to run for president yet again. While the former secretary of state denies it, some people are arguing otherwise, per Newsmax.

New Talk About a Hillary 2024 Campaign

Political adviser Dick Morris believes Hillary Clinton has every intention of trying for the White House again, despite losing to Barack Obama and Donald Trump years ago.

According to Morris, the latest remarks from Bill Clinton about illegal immigration are a strategy to pave the way for Hillary to run for president once more.

Morris informed that Bill will be a mouthpiece for his wife leading up to the Democrat Party’s likely defeat in the midterms.

The political adviser even went so far as claiming that both of the Clintons believe the GOP will win not just the House, but also the Senate.

Once this presumably happens, Morris believes Hillary Clinton will frame this as the consequence of Democrats going too far left, thereby positioning herself as a center-left Democrat the party should turn to for leadership.

In a nutshell, Clinton’s entire shtick will be about saving the Democrat Party from its own worst impulses, according to Morris.

More Likely Than Some Might Imagine

Believe it or not, the likelihood of Democrats losing the midterms and Clinton using this as a lynchpin to position herself for the party’s 2024 nomination isn’t too out of the question.

Already, there’s growing sentiment within the Democrat Party that Biden should be a one-and-done president, rather than trying to win another term in office. Multiple Democrats, when asked, have also refused to openly endorse Biden for another term in office.

At the rate things are going, there’s plenty of room for Clinton to swoop in. Even Biden himself is now backing off from prior affirmative claims that he’d be running again in 2024.

Time will ultimately tell how accurate Morris’ predictions turn out to be.

What do you think about predictions that Hillary Clinton will once again try running for president, despite her claims to the contrary thus far? In the comments area down below, please let us know how you see this all turning out.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.