Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Supporters Nazis

This Saturday, President Trump had another huge rally. This time it was in Youngstown, Ohio, where Trump attended the rally in support of US Senate candidate J.D. Vance.

It was a night of patriotism, pride, and positivity. Vance has promised to stand up for American workers and support a pro-family, pro-America platform.

What’s not to love? Most of us resonate with that. We like the idea of becoming a bit more traditional and patriotic. It sounds good.

Though failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton doesn’t feel that way. In fact, according to Clinton, Trump and his movement are Nazis. Yes, she actually said it.

Clinton Points Her Crone Finger

Now, liberals have already leveled all sorts of false accusations against Trump and his supporters. They recently claimed a photo of Evangelical voters holding up their hands in prayer was them doing a Nazi salute.

Benghazi traitor Clinton is saying the crowd in Ohio holding out their arms to cheer are like Nazis. She raved about it and said the America First movement is basically a Nazi-like infestation of American politics.

Now, if this was just one mentally unwell woman and Soros friend shooting off her mouth nobody would care. Clinton is powerful and she represents a growing chorus of twisted leftists who want to incite violence against conservatives.

Her words come in the wake of Biden’s speech several weeks ago in Philadelphia in which he ranted like a mad dictator and claimed Trump supporters are destroying “the very soul” of the United States.

A week after Biden’s insanity, a middle-aged liberal man in North Dakota killed a teen for supporting Trump. Words have consequences. Accusing people of being genocidal maniacs has consequences. It makes crazy people resort to violence against those people.

Here’s the creepy part: Clinton knows that. 

We Are Number One

Clinton also took issue with a giant mascot-style hand showing that America is number one. She says that’s Nazi-style symbolism. Luckily, Clinton isn’t a historian, because she’s entirely incorrect.

Let’s be clear, actually the index finger is a Trump campaign symbol to remember that America comes first. Is America now Nazi Germany, according to Clinton, or am I missing something here?

One of the excerpts from Trump’s speech at the Ohio rally is he said America is going to be revived and come back even better than before. That sounds hopeful to me, not full of hate.

As Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich said, it’s Clinton and her supporters who fit much more closely with the kind of horrific accusations she’s throwing around. Sadly, he’s right. 

This awful woman needs to stick to her coven in Chappaqua and stay the hell out of American politics. She’s done more than enough damage already.

The Bottom Line

Hillary Clinton is directly inciting political violence against her opponents and those she disagrees with. She belongs behind bars.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.