Hoax About ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’ May Unravel Even Further

The Democrats’ hoax that the 2016 campaign of President Trump colluded with the murderous Putin dictatorship in Russia could blow wide open even more than it already has.

Two Republican senators are moving to demand greater revelations after the recent 300-page report by US Special Counsel John Durham.

There’s Still A Lot More to Trump-Russia Hoax Than Publicly Known

The Trump-Russia collusion claims by the Democrat Party were already exposed as false by the previous US Special Counsel into the matter, Robert Mueller.

However, the new report by the second Justice Department special counsel – who also looked into his predecessor’s work – has made even more outrageous revelations.

Namely, the FBI not only discriminated against Trump by giving the Clinton campaign defense briefings, but the entire “Trump-Russia collusion” probe seems to have been solely politically motivated.

However, Republican Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley have now moved to take the matter to the next level, The Federalist reports.

They are demanding that Durham reveal why several of the main Russia hoaxers didn’t testify regarding their roles in the affair. Those include a former FBI director and a former deputy director of the agency.

Key Individuals Missing From Report

Grassley and Johnson sent Durham a letter, pointing out the latter’s report into “Crossfire Hurricane,” as the FBI called its investigation against Trump, was missing testimonies from James Comey, the former FBI chief, and former deputy Andrew McCabe.

Other individuals absent from the report are scandalous ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok, FBI lawyer and felon Kevin Clinesmith, the ex-assistant director of FBI’s Counterintelligence Division Bill Priestap, and Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS.

The report reveals some of the witnesses – such as Priestap and Strzok – refused to give Durham testimonies – even though they at first agreed to give him information about an FBI probe into the Russian Alfa Bank.

McCabe, in turn, declined to give testimony, even though the special counsel agreed to limit the scope of the questions.

The two GOP senators also asked Durham whether the seven search warrants and 190 subpoenas that were part of his probe were also connected to any of the “no-show” figures.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.