Homeland Security Secretary Fails to Define “Assault Weapon”

At a Tuesday appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas voiced his support for a ban on “assault weapons.”

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) requested Mayorkas to explain the word “assault weapon,” but he did not provide a clear description.

Can’t Define It

Kennedy, according to FOX News, pressed Mayorkas about the definition of an “assault weapon” and if he would prohibit any other weapons outside the AK-47.

Mayorkas did not give a description, but instead discussed his expertise as a federal prosecutor and the backing of law enforcement authorities for the prohibition.

Kennedy was frustrated that Mayorkas did not provide a clear response. In the United States, the argument over assault weapons and gun regulation remains a divisive subject.

President Biden made controversial statements in May 2022, suggesting that a 9mm bullet could “blow the lung off of the body.”

He also advocated eliminating 9mm handguns with ammo capacity over what the left deems acceptable, claiming it is “crazy” to require a weapon that can fire several bullets.

Violation of Rights

Gun rights groups have taken issue with the words said by Biden and stated his proposed measures would violate their constitutionally protected rights under the Second Amendment.

The current controversy around gun regulation has sparked disputes regarding the meaning of the term “assault weapons” and the kinds of firearms that ought to be restricted from circulation.

The term “assault weapon” has not yet been defined in a way that is universally accepted, nor have particular categories of weapons been agreed upon as being appropriate for inclusion in any proposed prohibition.

Both proponents and opponents of gun control in the United States have firm beliefs and viewpoints regarding the subject of the ongoing debate. This has contributed to the contentious discussion surrounding gun control in the country.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.