Hundreds Feared Dead in Ukraine School Bombing

The Russian bombardment of a local school in the eastern Ukrainian province of Luhansk reportedly killed up to 60 people, according to the regional administration.

As Per to Local leader Serhiy Gaidai, Russian forces dropped a bomb on the school in Bilohorivka. Over 90 people were hiding on Saturday evening, causing a fire to destroy the building.

The Horrifying Details

“After several hours, the fire was extinguished, the rubble was cleared, and sadly, the deaths of two persons were found,” Gaidai said on the Telegram messaging service.

“From the pile of rubble, thirty people were rescued, and a few of them were injured. Under the rubble, sixty individuals were assumed to have died.”

The report was not immediately verified by Reuters.

In the fight, Ukraine and its allied nations have charged Russian soldiers with attacking civilians, which Moscow rejects.

More than 300 citizens had been evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

He said officials would now focus on evacuating the injured and medics. Different figures have been provided by other Ukrainian sources.

Separatists supported by Russia said 176 residents were evacuated from the factory on Saturday.

Putin describes his invasion, which began on February 24, as a “special military operation” to weaken Ukraine and cleanse it of anti-Russian extremism stoked by the West.

Ukraine and its supporters accuse Russia of starting a war without warning.

Mariupol is critical for limiting Ukrainian imports and connecting Russia’s annexed Crimean Isle with parts of the eastern provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk. They have been held by Russia-backed rebels since 2014.

Russia’s Deadline

On May Day, when Europe remembers Germany’s official capitulation to the Allies in World War Two, Zelensky claimed evil had come to Ukraine with the Russian invasion, but his nation will triumph.

In a show of unity ahead of Putin’s Victory Day festivities on Monday, President Joe Biden and other G7 officials were to share a video conversation with Zelensky on Sunday.

Britain offered an additional 1.3 billion British pounds ($1.6 billion) in military help and support to Ukraine, more than doubling its previous financial pledges.

Victory Day is a huge celebration in Russia. Putin will lead a procession of troops, tanks, rockets, and ICBMs in Moscow’s Red Square on Monday, demonstrating military strength even as his forces continue to fight in Ukraine.

His remarks could provide insight into the war’s future. Logistics-related and equipment difficulties, as well as massive losses in the face of tough defense, have hashed Russia’s attempts.

On Saturday, US Central Intel Agency Director William Burns stated that Putin believes “trebling down” on the crisis will benefit Russia.

“He’s in a mindset where he doesn’t think he can afford to give up,” Burns said on Saturday at an Economic Times event in Washington.