House Dems Can’t Decide If They Want Socialism or Not

Last week on Thursday, the GOP House majority staged a vote to try and condemn the concept of socialism as destructive and a threat to American values and our country’s prosperity.

Despite the idea being the most recycled notion in recent history, it actually was fairly successful at dividing the Democrat minority of the House. 100 of the 212 members declined to endorse the measure.

House GOP majority divides and conquers on the topic of socialism

While this is in line with the current leftist narrative and ideology that Biden is forcing onto this country, it’s safe to say = not everyone from the Democrat Party is on board. Now that they’re split over what’s essentially the lynchpin of their political views, the GOP’s strike zone just doubled.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy ridiculed the idea that almost half of the members of the Democratic caucus actually want socialism to exist in the US, claiming he’d expect results like this from a vote on a college campus.

The fact that essentially 50% of Democrats believe socialism isn’t wrong is a scary thing to think about; although we were pretty aware of it from the moment Bernie Sanders stepped into the limelight, promoting his pseudo-socialistic views as the one thing America needs.

Needless to say, Sanders got ratioed harder than a liberal tweet, but this didn’t exactly do much in terms of actually protecting America from the damage such a system could do.

Amendment to split social welfare from socialism

Even though the Democrats tried to defend their standpoint, bringing up the fact that the GOP continuously supported social welfare programs throughout the years, it’s hard to say the strategy won’t be effective.

In fact, linking Democrats to socialism has been one of the more effective ways the Republicans have battled the left. It’s what helped the party gain such a huge advantage over them in states like Florida, where the party is now almost nonexistent in terms of representation.

However, some political experts believe this strategy to be effective only on the surface. Boston University associate professor Tobe Berkovitz pointed out that both of the parties have been trying to paint the other as radical and out of line with American values.

The Democrats who opposed the resolution had a number of reasons for it, at least according to them, one being the threat it could pose to entitlement programs.

Instead, some proposed to split the two matters with an amendment, one that would allow the GOP to condemn socialist policies and ideas, excluding federal programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

Unfortunately, the addition was rejected in a four to nine vote by the Rules Committee and it’s partially what caused so many Democrats not to endorse the resolution.

American capitalism is almost sacred at this point and for a good reason. As long as we can protect it from destructive ideas like socialism, this country will have a chance to prosper despite all odds.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.